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Name: Dixie Sunday

Location: Colorado, United States

QC courses you’ve taken:

  • Dog Grooming Course

  • First Aid for Groomers

A little about me!

I’m a mother of 3 great kids. I have been a dental assistant for 23 years, and I have always loved and advocated for animals.

Why did you decide to go into dog grooming? What do you enjoy about this profession?

Working with animals was always a dream of mine. As with my dental background, it involves a lot of patience and an art-like mindset. Grooming seemed to be a great mix of both worlds.

What’s one thing that you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out?

I think I had a good idea of what to expect, but I do find it harder to keep my heart focused. I want to kiss and love every animal I encounter like I do my own, but not every animal looks for or wants that.

Focusing on the grooming appointment and on a dog’s behavior is much harder than I thought, but I learned that it is incredibly important. Having a smooth and comfortable grooming appointment really shows great love for the animal.

What’s your best study tip for acing a dog grooming course?

My best tips are reading the texts as many times as it takes, watching the course videos, and always asking for help through the school. The staff is great, and they play an extremely important part in getting the best experience out of the course.

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Did you have any misconceptions about earning your grooming certification online? Have they changed as you’ve moved along the course?

I was very nervous about the self-paced structure, but the staff at the school were so great and positive that they turned all my fears into confidence.

Have you found your tutor feedback and experience useful?

I could not be thankful enough for the tutors. They build and set you up for the best outcomes.

How do you think QC Pet Studies is preparing you for work in the grooming field?

I think they provide great explanations about the industry. You are going to know exactly what to ask others in the field, and you’re going to have your own vision about your career and business by the time you graduate.

Your video submission for Assignment C4: Making the Cut gives readers a visual on what’s expected of students technique-wise in the course.

(In Unit C, the course starts getting to be a little more hands-on. The unit introduces you to the products, tools, and equipment used to groom dogs.)

Was it was easy for you to get the hang of this technique?

Of course, you need to practice, and the balloon helps a lot. The hardest thing is to place and hold the thumb in position. I practiced with a Band-Aid on my thumb, and if the scissors slipped, I was able to fix it. It took about a week of practicing all the time, and I used different sizes and shapes of balloons knowing animals are different sizes and shapes.

I think the course material was spot on in the descriptions and instructions, but I had to find what worked for me because if your thumb does slip, your hand can hurt in a short amount of time.

What do you think the future holds for you?

Great success and understanding of both the trade and the business.

Inspired by Dixie’s journey? Take QC’s Dog Grooming course to get your career started!

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