Happy Wednesday—it’s hump day! There’s nothing better to tide you over until the weekend than some famous puppy pouts. You don’t have to work with or groom dogs for a living to know they’re absolutely adorable. Cats have long served as the best meme-material on the internet, but dogs are beginning to see their heyday. There are no shortage of adorable and funny dogs on social media, but the ones at the top of the popularity pyramid are there for a reason.

Here’s our list of our favorite social media doggo. Go show them some love!

Watson & Kiko – Instagram

This dynamic duo is seriously gaining popularity on Instagram! And it’s no surprise since most posts feature Watson and Kiko cuddling in the Washington State wilderness. The owners also have an adorable cat named Harry, who sometimes hangs out with them, even outside in the cold. Now that’s love!

Bodhi – Instagram

There’s not much to say that his Instagram handle doesn’t already indicate. This is Bodhi, the menswear dog! This Shiba Inu gave us something we didn’t even know we needed. This dapper dog models famously for Coach on top of challenging us to up our style game.

Boo the Pomeranian – Facebook

Best known for his small stature, fluffy coat, and a serious stare, this Pomeranian has racked up a following of 17 million strong! His owners post through Boo’s perspective and often share photos of him dressed up in different costumes. But he’s not the only prominent Pomeranian! Jiff the Pomeranian was featured in Katy Perry’s Dark Horse music video. Just proof that the internet loves this breed!

Doug the Pug – Facebook

The most famous pug on the interwebs—and for good reason! Doug (with the help of his owners) recreates some insanely well-done TV show openers with himself playing every role. He’s even got a novel under his belt! Whatever else is on the horizon for Doug, you can bet we’re going to be following him closely…

Tuna – Instagram

Tuna is a chiweenie… yes, a Chihuahua and Dachshund (weiner dog) mix! After his owners rescued him as a pupper, he rose to internet stardom. This was due to his famous overbite and lower-jaw dysfunction. He’s behind the hugely popular “Phteven” meme—recognize him now? He even has a sister Instagram account that features him sailing on boats and visiting beaches—he’s living his best life!

Mishka – YouTube

This Siberian Husky has netted over 104 million views on YouTube! Known as the talking dog, she even landed a spot on the Today Show back in 2011. Sadly, she is no longer with us (she’s rumored to have passed away from cancer).  But take heart — her sister, Laika, is still warming hearts on the platform.

Manny the Frenchie – Facebook

This “philanthropup” uses his fame for good and is dedicated to giving back! His Manny & Friends Foundation is a non-profit organization that gives support to dogs where they most need it—currently they are helping pets affected by the recent hurricanes!

Taking the role of “social media darling” seriously, he even has his own Spotify playlist!

Think your dog has the chops to become famous? Tell us their special talent in the comments!

Does spending all day playing with dogs appeal to you? Why not consider a career in dog grooming?

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