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International Dog Grooming Professional™ | IDGP™

There's never been a better time to start a career as a professional dog groomer. Groomers and pet stylists all over the country have waiting lists or are simply refusing new clients. What an amazing opportunity to start a new and lucrative career!

Get your International Dog Groomer Certification in less than a year with QC's comprehensive online training. Study at your own pace. Watch instructional videos and complete hands-on assignments to grow your grooming skills. With QC's all-encompassing Professional Grooming course, you'll master all levels of pet grooming from bathing and brushing and pet cuts, all the way to advanced pet styling. Graduate with all the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the dog grooming industry!

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Included in Your Course

professional dog-grooming kit

Professional-Grade Grooming Starter Kit

When you enroll, you'll receive a kit of dog grooming tools to help you complete your studies and start your career. This kit includes cordless WAHL clippers and combs, three grooming scissors, an assortment of brushes and combs, and more!

Newest Course Materials

Your course materials are always available online and are always being updated with the latest industry standards. Refer to your updated training guides throughout your career!

Personalized Feedback

Just because you're learning online doesn't mean you're learning alone. You'll receive personalized audio feedback from your tutor on every dog grooming assignment you submit.

Lifetime Access

Once you're a member of the QC family you 'll have lifetime access to all the tools and resources available to QC students. This includes discounts on industry products and so much more!

QC Success Stories

Kayla Torraville

QC Pet Studies allowed me to pursue my dream while at home. I learned a lot of new skills and techniques. My tutor was great and very knowledgeable. The course material was very detailed as well and easy to learn from despite it being all virtual. I would recommend it to everyone.

Kayla Torraville, IDGP

April Costigan

The Dog Grooming and First Aid courses are fantastic. I learned so much from Lisa and Paddy. I've officially started my own business, Sparkling Dog Grooming. I've constructed an entire professional grooming studio in my basement and have started building a very nice client list.

April Costigan, IDGP

Hailie Savage

The tutors were extremely helpful and the course materials were very well put together and extremely helpful! The critique was fantastic. I highly recommend the program!

Hailie Savage, IDGP

Melody Mason

The Dog Grooming course was extremely helpful. The video tutorials were very well done, and they made learning to groom a dog very clear. The tutor's notes were also very helpful. I feel very confident in my skills after finishing the course and starting my career.

Melody Mason, IDGP

Casey Becard

The tutors were very well-spoken and gave great instructions. There was never a time when I was confused. The hands-on videos had lots of visual content and showed you just about everything you needed to know for your assignments.

Casey Becard, IDGP

Nicki Hughes

I was concerned about how much one could actually learn about a hands-on profession online; however, as I got further in and watched the videos, I saw how in-depth they are and how they really take the time to show you the skills you need to know to complete the course.

Nicki Hughes, IDGP

Course Outline

The Dog Grooming Course is split into 5 parts, each containing individual training units.

You must complete a unit with a satisfactory grade before you can submit assignments for the next unit.

The first units in this course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of dog grooming. In these units, you'll cover health and safety, basic dog anatomy, skincare, behavior, the tools of the trade and more.

While you complete these units we recommended that you start considering your grooming workspace so that you are prepared for the practical assignments later in the course. Unit C will be particularly helpful in selecting appropriate tools, equipment and products.

It is also recommended that you start seeking out dog owners who are willing to let you use their dogs in practical assignments later in the course.

View a more detailed course syllabus

In order to provide you with the resources to learn your craft safely, your grooming course also comes with complimentary training on dog first aid. You'll learn about emergency situations that may occur in a grooming environment so that you'll be prepared to respond calmly and effectively in any emergency.

View a more detailed course syllabus

Once you understand the basics of dog grooming and dog first aid, you will move on to units that teach you the hands-on skills involved preparing for a groom. In these units, you'll cover essential tasks, including nail trimming, ear cleaning, brushing, de-matting, bathing, and drying. You'll study coat types and learn how to work with different dog breeds to keep each and every dog looking and feeling their best. You'll complete a number of basic practical assignments that will prepare you to start your practicum.

View a more detailed course syllabus

Dog grooming as a profession requires a lot of background knowledge, but ultimately your success will depend on your ability to safely and skillfully groom dogs. You'll learn to complete the most popular pet cuts and advanced breed styles through a series of detailed instructional videos with certified Master Groomers.

You'll complete practicum units designed to help you hone your technique and receive feedback on these essential skills. The units within the practicum involve practical assignments that draw on the content you've mastered throughout the course.

View a more detailed course syllabus

(Optional Unit)

After completing your practicum you can choose to complete the optional Business Essentials unit. This unit will help you develop the skills you need to run your own successful dog grooming business, from building your brand to constructing a business plan to setting your prices.

View a more detailed course syllabus

qc guarantee

QC Pet Studies' Guarantees

QC means Quality of Course, and we stand behind that promise. That's why QC Pet Studies offers a money-back guarantee.

The 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try the course risk-free for 21 days. This gives you time to receive your course materials and evaluate whether the course is right for you. If you decide it's not a good fit, simply contact QC and request a refund. It's that easy!

The 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee

Your online course will pay for itself within one year. That's a promise. If, after one year of receiving your certificate of completion, you haven't earned the equivalent of your tuition fees in your professional salary, your course tuition will be refunded in full. All you have to do is provide proof that you've made a reasonable effort to find work as a dog groomer.

Note: This guarantee is only valid for graduates of the Dog Grooming Course.

Questions about the guarantees ? Contact Us

Learn from Certified Master Groomers

When you enroll with QC Pet Studies, you'll be matched with an industry professional currently working in the field who will review your work and provide you with in-depth feedback and advice on every assignment. These accomplished tutors are Certified Master Groomers who have decades of experience in the grooming industry and are eager to share their professional insight to help you succeed.

Your personal tutor will provide you with in-depth audio feedback on each assignment to let you know what you did well and how you could improve. Use this feedback to guide you through the next unit in your course.

Lisa Day

Certified Master Groomer

40+ Years of Experience

Paddy Gaffney

Certified Master Groomer

20 Years of Experience