Let’s face it – you love caring for dogs. Whether you’ve always been passionate about the health and well-being of animals or it’s a recent realization, there are many reasons to pursue a career as a professional dog groomer. These days, online dog grooming courses are becoming more and more popular as aspiring groomers balance full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities.

1. Easy accessibility

When you envision enrolling in a dog grooming class, you probably picture a physical school that you need to attend. On top of your full-time job, hobbies, and family life, that sounds totally hectic – right? It’s no surprise that many groomers don’t like the idea of enrolling at a brick and mortar school. This is where online courses come in! Not only will you be able to access your course materials from home, you’ll also be able to practice and learn without going anywhere!

Online dog grooming classes are structured around tutorials and hands-on assignments, which is crucial. Dog grooming is extremely practical!

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2. Learn on your own terms

When you learn online, you can tailor your education to your own strengths (and schedule!). If you work full-time and can’t schedule evenings to study and practice your dog grooming skills, don’t fret!

Most online grooming courses don’t have deadlines on assignments, which means that you can take the time to re-read certain units if need be, ask questions, and ensure that you fully understand the content before moving on to further sections.

Dog grooming classes allow you to enjoy the journey on your way to becoming certified! Without harsh deadlines, you can manage your busy life and pursue your career goals on your own terms. This takes a lot of the stress out of learning dog grooming and reinforces why you’re pursuing it in the first place!

3. Save money

While the dog grooming industry is largely unregulated world-wide having proper training under your belt is a huge advantage. But it can be very expensive. Traditional colleges or universities can cost tens of thousands of dollars which is often not feasible for aspiring groomers trying to make ends meet.

Dog grooming schools online often don’t have a physical campus at all, which allows them to keep the cost of their courses low. And like most schools, you can probably pay as you go in a way that suits both your schedule and budget.

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4. Impress employers

Yes, dog grooming is a generally unregulated industry. However, this doesn’t mean you should ever discount the value of a dog groomer certification! If you’re just starting out in the world of grooming and have little experience, enrolling in a course is the best way to gain knowledge and skills to begin your career.

Besides giving you the confidence to pursue this new path, your grooming certification shows potential employers that you are fully qualified to provide grooming services. They’ll also infer that you are a hard-working individual who sees challenges through. Your career opportunities will be abundant as a result!

5. Receive constant feedback

Because the courses are completed remotely at an online school, constant communication is vital in order to ensure your success as a student. Feedback from your instructors is absolutely necessary each step of the way, so when you submit an assignment in an online dog grooming course, your tutor will provide you with detailed feedback that you can then use for your next unit.

These schools employ highly skilled, certified dog groomers as their instructors, so you’ll be learning from the best while receiving personalized, constructive feedback throughout your training.

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A big point to take into consideration: just because you’re learning online does not mean you’re learning alone! A combination of hands-on assignments and expert feedback will give you a complete education to prepare you for a career in dog grooming!

Thinking about becoming a dog groomer? Here are 8 signs that a career in grooming is right for you!

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