A new year doesn’t always mean a new you, but finding a career direction that excites you can definitely help you get out of a rut! In this post, we’ll talk about why a career in dog grooming is doable AND beneficial for your lifestyle.

There’s endless career paths out there, and when you’re passionate about animals there are different routes to choose from. Becoming a pet groomer can be done through simple courses and self-education. So if you’re interested in taking on some furry clients and caring for animals as a career, read on!

Make Furry Friends

Okay, so this one is fairly obvious – but an advantage of dog grooming nonetheless! It takes a true animal lover to become a pet groomer. Some of your clients will have anxious pets, which makes grooming a difficult job at times. But, with some knowledge about your canine clients (like learning how to calm pets down) you’ll become a dog whisperer in no time!

Clients, both canine and homo sapien, will enjoy taking a trip to the groomers when they feel safe and secure. Caring for others is a rewarding job, and you’ll be helping many dogs live long, healthy lives. Professional dog groomers need to build solid relationships with dogs quickly. Learning to empathize with pets will give you a better understanding about animals and keep you on your toes!

Educate Owners

Caring for dogs that aren’t your own is an important task, especially when owners have their hands full! Giving advice or tips for calming and cleaning a dog can change an owner’s relationship with their pets for the better. Not only will you be making sure dogs are healthy in their homes, but clients will also be thankful for your tricks of the trade!

Ensuring that pets remain safe is a HUGE pull factor for animal lovers to the grooming industry. As a dog groomer, you’ll have the opportunity to identify problems and help reconcile ones that affect dog hygiene. However, your job is to groom the pet – so patronizing owners is a definite no-no! But you can still offer advice which most owners will be happy to learn. Educating owners with proper grooming tips is a rewarding part of becoming a dog groomer. You get to ensure that your furry clients go home to a safe household all cleaned up from head to tail!

Pet grooming courses online for your dog grooming career

Learn Specialized Skills

In addition to educating owners on pet health, you’ll start a whole new career and gain specialized skills! Not many people have complete knowledge of dog grooming and the proper techniques and tools to use. By starting a career in dog grooming, you’ll learn everything about a dog’s needs and how to groom correctly!

Gaining new skills is the most exciting perk of embarking on a new career. For an animal lover, what can be better than studying pets and learning about how to properly care for them? Becoming a dog groomer teaches you focused skills which betters your mind and, as mentioned above, also benefits others! There’s no better feeling than having a satisfied client – and who shows admiration better than a dog?


Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce or not, a career in pet grooming provides you with the opportunity to become self-employed. Now, it’s not all fun and games when it comes to starting your own business. But there are many benefits to being your own boss!

First, you have more flexibility than you do working for a company or institution. You set your own hours and can take days off on your own accord. However, it is still a business which means there’s a lot of planning and hard work involved. On top of grooming, you’ll need to create a business model and network to expand your client base. Don’t worry – it’s not as scary as it sounds! Business has a learning curve. You’ll develop business knowledge and skills by diving into a dog grooming career.

Start a career in dog grooming with online pet grooming courses and certification

If you’re looking to better yourself and take charge of your life, becoming a dog groomer is an ideal business idea. Pet groomers are always needed!

All in all, beginning a career in dog grooming gives you a new perspective on the employment industry. It can also bring out your potential as a compassionate business owner! Pet owners always seek out expertise on pet hygiene and advice. Becoming a dog groomer will allow you to answer those questions.

Thinking about making a career switch? Find out why now is the best time for you to become a professional dog groomer!

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