QC Pet Studies graduate Casey Bechard works as a full-time dog groomer and shop manager at Off The Leash Pet Grooming in Regina, Canada. Today, she shares her the top 13 dog grooming equipment, tools, and products you should have at your grooming salon!

When it comes to dog grooming, there are many tools and products you need to complete your grooms well. As important as pure talent and having a way with dogs is, it’s equally important to have the proper tools. Below, I’ll list three must-haves in dog grooming equipment and products for your salon. I hope you find them helpful!

certified dog groomer casey bechard after grooming appointment

Dog Grooming Equipment for the Salon

If you are hired into a salon, they should already have all these things provided for you. But if you’re starting your own dog grooming business, you’ll need to acquire these salon staples yourself. These must-haves will ease the grooming process for both you and your doggy clients.

dog grooming table with noose of Casey Bechard, professional dog groomer

Grooming table:

I have my own grooming table provided for me right by my grooming tools, so it’s very convenient.

Bathing tub:

This is a must (obviously). There are two tubs at my shop, one for big dogs and one for little ones.

Drying table:

Having a drying table next to the tub is handy.

High-Velocity Dryers:

Honestly, I couldn’t groom and do them in a timely manner without the high-velocity dryer—it’s a life saver!

Noise-Cancelling Head Gear:

If you plan on purchasing a high-velocity dryer, you should also invest in noise-cancelling headphones to save your hearing.


Having multiple kennels at your grooming salon is super important. Some dogs just need to go in kennels. Doggie clients that don’t like other dogs may need the kennel. Other times, if you need to dry a thick-furred client, you can bring them into the kennel with the kennel dryer, which is a more calming drying system. Also, if do cat grooming and your feline clients don’t have carriers, this is a must!


Nooses are the grooming loops used to handle the dog throughout the groom. They connect to the tables perfectly to safely secure the dog during the appointment. They can be used on both small and big dogs, and come off easily and quickly with just a snap.

dog grooming certification graduate Casey Bechard's favorite slicker brush and blue comb

Top Tools for Your Dog Grooming Kit

Being a professional dog groomer means you can test out a variety of different tools to figure out what works best for you. You get to make the big decisions—decided on what tools and products you need with all the customizations you want. You can get whatever your heart desires! These are just a few of my top tools I think every pro groomer should have in their dog grooming kit.

Slicker brush

I always have my slicker brush with me when I’m grooming. If you don’t have one of these already, I highly recommend it! There are so many different types of slicker brushes—I have three in my grooming kit right now! If you are looking to purchase one, I recommend the Chris Christensen brushes. Their slicker brushes get through those big fluffy coats and mats with ease! Our shop is in love with them. They are a bit pricey, but they’re worth every penny.


Make sure you have a couple combs on hand. I have gone through a couple combs were the little teeth just fly right off. Now, I have a sturdy one I use all the time—it’s actually the very first grooming comb I ever owned. I should probably look into getting another one of those now that I’m thinking about it… It’s heavy duty, made with thick metal, and baby blue (my favorite color), and I have had no problems with it.


Having a good clipper with extra blades on-hand will be a life saver. I use a five-in-one clipper for sanitary trims and trimming pads. The blades can quickly get dirty and clogged, so make sure they are clean and well-oiled. Not doing so is a sure-fire way to destroy your clippers. I still have the hand-held clipper that came in QC’s free dog grooming kit, and I use it every day. It’s seen better days (it’s pretty beaten up from use) but it’s still kicking and works great!

slip leash on a dog

Smart Tools for Smooth Dog Grooming Appointments!

Working with dogs can be difficult sometimes. They have a mind of their own! Sometimes, they are scared, stressed, happy, excited—you name it, I’ve seen it all. It’s your job to handle your canine clients with care, no matter their emotional state. Here are a few things that help me work with anxious or aggressive dogs.

Dog treats

I keep a variety of yummy treats at the salon. Most of the time, giving them a treat will calm them down. So treats can help you to get the dog to come with you and leave their owner. Or, it can keep the dog distracted in the tub if the dog’s not a fan of baths. But if a dog is too stressed, it won’t eat anything.

Slip leashes

Slip leashes help you control those hard-to-catch pups. Sometimes, kneeling down and talking nicely to the pup doesn’t cut it. Not to mention that sometimes their regular leash can slip off when you’re leading the dog. But with this type of leash, it tightens up when the dog moves backwards, so they hesitate to run away.


Some people are totally against muzzles. I get that. But I also know that when used correctly and in the proper manner, they are a necessity to have. Sometimes they even help the dogs calm down, believe it or not. For us groomers, we try our hardest to not have to use them. But it’s a good tool to have on-hand, just in case.

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