New to a career in dog grooming? Just graduated from your dog grooming course but haven’t found a full-time job yet? Want to learn new skills and brush up on your business know-how? You’ve come to the right place!
Every year, pet grooming shows bring together the talents of novice and expert dog groomers. It’s a great way to network your way to the dog grooming job you’ve always wanted, or to discover the latest grooming equipment to make your job easier.

What to expect at professional dog grooming conventions

While grooming conventions invite experts in the industry to attend, pet enthusiasts are welcomed as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to score an awesome deal on dog treats for their pup? No matter the expo, you can expect to find events in the following three categories to attend.

1. Seminars and education

Grooming seminars cater to professionals at every skill level—you can even earn a certificate or two by the end of the weekend! From First Aid training to customer-service workshops, if there’s a skill you need brushing up on, you’ll find it at a grooming show.

The Pet grooming Shows & Conventions You Need to Attend This Year To Find Dog Grooming Jobs - Pomeranian at Dog Grooming Show

2. Pet industry tradeshow

Trade shows allow you to discover, test out, and purchase the newest innovations in pet grooming and pet care products at discount prices. You can expect to see booths from pet food suppliers, dog accessory manufacturers, and expert groomers giving grooming demos. If you own a dog grooming salon, this is the place to be to find new tools and products. Some people choose to spend most of their time at the trade show.

3. Dog grooming contests

Numerous on-site grooming competitions occur at grooming conventions. From conformation grooms to creative grooming, competition is fierce but friendly. Many expos host grooming contests for groomers of a variety of skill levels. This way, you’ll have the opportunity to practice your grooming skills and earn valuable feedback from world-renowned pet grooming experts.

Watch out for the Rescue Grooming competition! Many grooming shows host a Rescue Round-Up grooming competition. Dogs from local shelters and rescue organizers are brought to their nearest show. Competitive groomers then sharpen their scissors and complete dramatic transformations. The top three competitors at all participating grooming shows will attend The Rescue Round-Up Invitational finals held at the Groom Expo. Those who win the Invitation will win a prestigious title, a feature in the Groomer to Groomer magazine, and a prize package. The sweetest bonus? Most dogs that participate in these events end up being adopted!

Moving on… check out this non-exhaustive list of the biggest grooming shows this year!

Family Pet Shows – Website

Family Pet Shows is a family-owned and operated company. Every year, they put on six different pet expos in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With a focus on family and pet-friendliness, attendees can even bring their own pets to the show! If you’re looking to add a member to your family, they also offer free booth space to any rescue and adoption groups who want to participate.

Check out their upcoming shows:

  • Long Island Pet Expo – March 2-3, 2019
  • Morgantown Pet Expo – March 23-24, 2019
  • Long Island Pet Expo in the Park – September 14-15, 2019
  • Connecticut Pet Expo – October 19-20, 2019
  • The Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo – TBA 2020
  • Lehigh Valley Pet Expo – TBA 2020
The Pet grooming Shows & Conventions You Need to Attend This Year To Find Dog Grooming Jobs - Dog Grooming Convention Still Shot

Intergroom – Website

Location: Secaucus, New Jersey

Date: April 11-14, 2019

Intergroom is a prominent grooming conference that takes place annually. One of their most notable contests is the Tag, You’re It: Team challenge. Three-person teams must compete together to groom an overgrown dog to perfection! Team members must take turns grooming at 30 minute intervals—no two groomers can work at the same time.

Groom Texas – Website

Location: Houston, Texas

Date: July 19-21, 2019

Groom Texas is a grooming show scheduled within the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. You probably know the difference between a grooming show and a dog show. This event marries the two different spheres into one!


All American Grooming Show – Website

Location: Schaumburg, Illinois

Date: August 8-11, 2019

The All American Grooming show is the longest running pet show and the fourth largest grooming show in the world. If you’re up for a creative challenge, the All American Grooming Show hosts nine different grooming competitions with monetary prizes up to $2000!

The Pet grooming Shows & Conventions You Need to Attend This Year To Find Dog Grooming Jobs- Dog Sitting At Grooming Show

SuperZoo – Website

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Date: August 20-22, 2019

More of a pet retail event, pet grooming salons and shop owners make note to attend SuperZoo every year. They take this opportunity to stock their shop with innovative products for demanding pet owners. QC Pet Studies graduate Casey Bechard made it a New Year’s resolution to attend this show this year!

Groom Expo – Website

Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Date: September 12-15, 2019

With 5700 attendees in 2018, the Groom Expo is the world’s largest dog grooming show. If there’s one grooming show to attend this year, it’s this one. Many groomers around the world close up shop to attend—so what’s the big deal with this show?

Those just starting their career in dog grooming are welcomed just as warmly as the seasoned veterans. With several daily scheduled tours for first-time attendees, “Newbie” tours are the catalyst for many professional friendships!

They also host the Groom of Thrones Ball – a wonderful night of fun and festivities highlighted by the awards given to Groom Olympics’ tournament competitors. They also take this time to recognize outstanding groomers who are transforming the industry.

The Pet grooming Shows & Conventions You Need to Attend This Year To Find Dog Grooming Jobs - Dog Being Tended

Other Dog Expos

Try as we might, we can’t list every dog grooming show out there! If you think there are other shows worth mentioning, give us a shout!

Groom Expo West – Website

Location: Pasadena Convention Center

Date: February 14-17, 2019

Northwest Grooming Show – Website

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Date: March 21-24, 2019

Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo West – Website

Location: Burbank, California

Date: April 29-May 2, 2019

PetQuest – Website

Location: Wilmington, Ohio

Date: June 20-23, 2019

Pet Boarding and Daycare Expo East – Website

Location: Hershey, Pennsylvania

Date: November 11-14, 2019

Did we miss any noteworthy dog grooming conventions? Let us know in a comment!

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