We totally get it, transitioning into “real” adulthood is freaky. You might feel lost and unsure about what to do with your life. Maybe you’ve graduated high school but have no idea where to go next. Or you’ve finished university and still don’t know what to do with that degree. Don’t fret, we’re here to offer you some advice!

Let’s get into it! Keep reading for some reasons why dog grooming school is perfect for the unsure young adult.

pet grooming for young adults

Online courses are self-paced

This one is true of most online dog grooming schools. Having a completely self-paced course means you can easily fit learning in with your preexisting schedule. Have some spare time between university classes? Log on and watch some instructional videos! Wake up in the middle of the night totally wired? Get some readings done! Whenever you have time to study, you’ll be able to.

And if you don’t have any other commitments, you can speed through the course as fast as you’d like! However long you decide to take to complete the course, it’s still well worth your time and money.

Like we said, young adulthood is daunting. But taking an online dog grooming course isn’t!

It’s reasonably priced

Speaking of being worth every penny… it’s reasonably priced! You’re getting a quality education at an affordable price. If you’re not sure what to do with your career, signing up for a dog grooming course online shouldn’t be a financial burden. Finding a great dog grooming school on a budget is totally possible!

Even if you’re working a minimum-wage job or simply using some of your savings, paying for a dog grooming course shouldn’t mean you can’t pay rent. Plus, learning to budget and manage your finances (including prioritizing where your money should go) is an skill you’ll need in the long run.

If the tuition still seems like a lot, some schools also offer great payment plans to help you out!

young adult grooming dog

You don’t have to commit to a long-term career

We’re not asking you to commit to being a dog groomer forever! Because it’s affordable and self-paced (among other perks) you won’t feel the need to commit to a dog grooming career forever.

Of course, you should still be committed to your course; meaning, actually graduating. But if you don’t see dog grooming as a forever career, that’s okay! You can easily  earn your money back in under a year

Plus there’s the possibility that you do discover dog grooming is just the long-term career you’ve been looking for! And how great would that be? Trying out career paths is a great way to transition out of unsure young adult to confident working grown-up.

Grooming is a great way to earn some extra cash

Dog grooming is a lucrative career, even if only temporary. During the completion of your course, you’ll work with different breeds of dogs, and you can charge the clients for the groom! Since you’d still be training, we recommend keeping the prices low so you can get the proper dogs to complete your course. But as your experience grows, so will your profits!

Once you’re a certified dog groomer, you’ll have clients lining up for your services. Depending on what city you live in, there may be a high demand for pet groomers! If you’re working as a freelance groomer or a groomer at a retail store, you can make an average of $14 USD an hour. That’s higher than the minimum wage in most countries!

dog sitting at desk

There are tons of transferable skills

The skills you gain in your grooming course and grooming career won’t go to waste! Many of the skills you gain throughout the class alone will be applicable to other jobs. You’ll learn communication, discipline, time management, and patience –and lots more! That sounds like someone who is adulting!

Being around animals reduces stress and anxiety

This one may be our favorite. Trying to find your way in the “adult world” is stressful and sometimes anxiety inducing. But, being around pets is proven to reduce stress and anxiety! Actually, there are a bunch of mental health benefits to pet grooming that you might not have even considered!

As a young adult, you might be feeling discouraged about being unsure. It’s normal! Dog grooming courses might take you out of that funk. Apart from the benefits of being around animals, taking a grooming course can give you a sense of confidence, increase your self-motivation, and keep you busy!

Did we miss any way a dog grooming class might help an unsure young adult? Leave a comment!

Have you decided to get your dog grooming certification online? Learn what’s next.

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