Many people believe summer is the time for R&R at the beach. We’re not saying you should shirk all your holiday plans—you deserve them! But why not harness the infectious energy of the summer months and take your first step into launching your dream career?

Instead of slaving away those previous daytime hours at a dead-end job or even just a job you don’t enjoy, go play with a pup. Spend some quality time with the furry companion of your choice and you’ll have a hard time not immediately enrolling in a dog grooming course. Once you’ve been bitten by the grooming bug, there’s no going back!

Keep reading for five other reasons why becoming a certified dog grooming is going to be your best decision this summer!

You’ll have free time to explore your passion

This applies to those who are affected by the regular school year. Whether you’ve just graduated high school or have a free summer off college, you have a lot of time on your hands. Even if you work full time, with longer days to take advantage of, you have more opportunities to both work and play!

You can choose to attend a brick-and-mortar school for your dog grooming training. But if you have a busy summer, why not take your education online? Many dog grooming courses online are self-paced. This means that you can work on them whenever it fits best into your schedule! If you do your research, you’ll find a high-quality dog grooming course that provides you with the same comprehensive training as traditional schools. Just ensure that you have a real tutor who provides you with personalized feedback about your assignments.

If you set aside specific days or blocks of time at consistent times every week, you’ll earn your certification in no time!

bathe your dog at home with your professional certification

Groom your own dog!

Even if you don’t plan on taking your hobby to the professional arena, it’ll be worth the investment just to groom your own dog. Not only is it a great bonding experience between you and your dog, but you’ll also be trained to detect any health problems at the moment it becomes an issue. Besides tagging issues to bring to the vet, you’ll also learn about giving flea baths and preventative care.

If you have a higher maintenance dog that requires regular grooms often, you’ll also save a lot of money over the years! The initial start-up cost might be pricey depending on the tools you need and the course you take. But you’ll make back the money quickly throughout the lifetime of your dog(s)! Plus, you’ll also be able to groom the pets of your friends and family for some extra money on the side!

Upgrade your skill set

When it comes to becoming competitive in the professional world, nothing will give you a bigger head start than professional training. You’ll learn new hard skills such as using clippers, bathing, and brushing dogs. Meanwhile, you’ll also be pushed to develop your soft skills, like interpersonal communication and organization. When you hone in on your hard and soft skills while working hard to stay on top of trends, you’ll be an unstoppable force.

Working under the guidance of a master groomer who has been in the industry for years means receiving the most current training possible. Many groomers choose to join associations that test you on your abilities. Associations come with a host of benefits including insurance for your business and networking opportunities. If you take a dog grooming course that teaches you the best, current techniques, you’ll be prepared for these tests and examinations.

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More opportunities to practice dog grooming

When enrolling in a dog grooming course, you’re expected to put in many hours practicing your grooming techniques. There are many differences in how you perform groom for different breeds. A husky has a completely different coat and different behavioral patterns than that of a golden retriever. In order to handle any client who comes your way, you’ll need to practice on as many dogs as possible. This could mean looking outside your group of friends and family.

In the summer, try visiting dog parks to approach dog owners about practicing your grooming techniques on their dogs. You’ll also see many people adopting animals at shelters during this busy season. And when owners are off on vacation, many leave their dogs behind at kennels for full-time care. Visiting these places with a business card and a confident attitude will get you far. With the sheer amount of pooches out and about, you’re bound to have plenty of opportunities to practice your craft!

It’s rewarding…. And challenging!

Grooming is often seen as a non-necessity. Especially since dogs don’t need to be bathed all that often, many dog owners think they don’t need full and detailed grooms either. This is incorrect! You perform a crucial service for dogs and their owners. Maintaining hygiene can go a long way in terms of preventing diseases. You’ll also be the first to know if you can identify abnormalities in the dog’s skin or coat.

Working with so many dogs is physically demanding! But once you remove those painful mats and see the dog happy and upbeat again, it’s all worth it. As an animal lover, you’ll feel a sense of pride and accomplishment every time you complete a groom and you see their tails wagging in happiness. Your dedication to detail and to the health and happiness of the dogs makes your job challenging but worth it!

Is a new certification in your horizon? Let us know!

You may not jump into your career as a dog groomer right after graduation. Find out how to balance your dog grooming career with your day job!

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