Every career professional is always on the lookout for free resources—who doesn’t like free? You can probably get your hands on lots of reference materials and helpful resources from the library, fellow groomers, or any associations you join, but those aren’t the only places you can look.

The Internet may not be the first place you think of—especially since this profession is based on real-life service—but it can be incredibly handy. You can find tons of different guides, charts, and templates out on the internet, but not all of them will be helpful (or even correct!).

If you’re not sure where to look, don’t worry! We’ve done the legwork and scoured the Internet for the best free resources every dog groomer should be using.

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While the website may appear to be dated, the resources such as the talk radio and the free PDF downloads are valuable. A hub for all their affiliated blogs and websites, this website can prove to be a great place for the fresh-faced dog groomer.

From listening to insiders and experts in the field of mobile grooming on their talk radio to browsing the different professional dog bloggers who are listed on the home page, Groomwise can keep you in-the-know for the latest happenings in the grooming industry.


Comics aren’t just for kids! This website has all sorts of infographics and posters designed to be engaging and informative. The graphics are usually toned down and accessible, so while these prints may not be the most technically informative (for your purposes), they would be great to have blown up for display on your studio walls.

From infographics with helpful tips on coat maintenance to laugh-out-loud comics about service pricing guaranteed to incite an “Amen!” from you, this website is a welcome change to the blocks of text-on-text we’re used to seeing online.

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Humane Society

With websites that are region-specific, humane societies are united on several foundational values including the most important of all: the health and wellbeing of animals! In particular, the Winnipeg Humane Society and the Calgary Humane Society in Canada have amassed a good collection of materials on key topics that could be handy for professional groomers.

With numerous free articles and resources educating owners and groomers alike about topics such as pet diseases and handling aggression, they can take you on a quick crash course on working with animals if you’re in need of a refresher. Plus, your local humane society site can provide you with info on upcoming events in your area.

Canadian Business Network: Mobile Pet Car Start-Up Checklist

It seems Canadians are dominating the business of great pet grooming resources! Tailored specifically for those in the mobile grooming business, the Canadian Business Network has drawn up a checklist for those who want to become business owners. While some of the information is Canada-specific, such as “Pet First Aid – St. John Ambulance Training”, others are general tidbits of knowledge, such as “Finding and Managing Suppliers”.  Of all the resources on this list, this one is your best bet for the business aspects of mobile pet grooming.

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Pet Grooming Forums

If you got your pet-grooming training online or you haven’t made many real-life contacts since becoming certified, an online forum may be for you! They say networking is the best way to secure jobs—we’re not contesting that. But it’s also a great way to meet other groomers who may be able to help you get started in your region’s industry or share valuable tips and tricks from their extensive experience.

Pet Groomer Forums and the Dog Grooming Subreddit are great places to find support, ask questions and get additional resources from people who have actual knowledge to back up any answers they give! You can also find inspiration if you’re going into creative grooming, read reviews of popular grooming products, and gain insider knowledge about the industry in your area. If you’re not already a part of an online community, what are you waiting for?

Groomer to Groomer

Yet another fabulous resource! Bringing together the latest and greatest in the pet grooming industry in one handy (and user friendly) forum/place, Groomer to Groomer is more than your regular online magazine.  The annual subscription (which is FREE to professionals in the industry) is well worth it, and their website will soon become your favorite spot for all pet grooming questions.

Originally launched by Barkleigh Productions to demonstrate the best use of their professional grooming products, Groomer to Groomer is a colorful and engaging collection of relevant material. From product reviews, business tips, pet health, and training techniques to a groomer humor section, the website is designed with today’s professional pet groomer in mind. GroomerTV, an online database of archived tutorials and live streams of grooming competitions, definitely gets our thumbs up/recommendation!

Speaking of resources, check out this post for food allergies in dogs and cats!

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