Owning a dog is one of the most wonderful experiences, and it’s no surprise why the term “man’s best friend” is used so frequently. Having a buddy to cuddle, go on walks with, and make you smile on a daily basis are just a few reasons to own a dog! When it comes to travelling with your furry friend, however, there are some items to keep in mind – and we don’t just mean making sure you schedule enough bathroom breaks!

Travelling with a dog can be stressful, and as the owner you’ll need to be mindful of the travel conditions ahead of time, as well as your dog’s safety and comfort. Thankfully, there are a myriad of accessories out there to make travelling with your pup as fun and comfortable as possible – read on for our top 6 picks!

1. Petmate’s Portable Pet Bowls

We’re starting this list with one of the most important accessories for dogs, whether they’re on the move or at home! Your pup always needs to know where their food is, and this is especially important while travelling. Petmate’s pet bowls are made of a durable, dishwasher-safe silicone and even come with their own carrying case that doubles as a place mat. Velcro lines the bottom of the bowls, which means that they can stick to the interior of a nylon carrying case, and you won’t need to worry about any hassle when it’s time to feed your dog on the go.

Keep this travel accessory by your side no matter where you’re headed!

Best travel accessories for dogs

2. Sleepypod Air Carrier

Whether you’re taking your dog on a road trip or up above the clouds on a plane, you need to ensure their comfort and safety at all times. Sleepypod, a company that manufactures accessories for animals with safety in mind, is known for Sleepypod Air, a carrier that can contract in different spaces to give small dogs the best experience. This travel accessory is high on our list because it is perfect for long flights where dogs are often placed in cramped spaces that can cause stress. Before a plane takes off, the carrier can be made slightly smaller (but still completely comfortable for the dog inside), and once the plane is in the air, the carrier can be expanded to allow the dog to stretch out and relax.

But it’s not limited to just planes – this carrier boasts seatbelt straps that allow it to be safely placed in a car seat, and it contains some seriously comfortable, plush bedding that will allow your pup to stay cozy.

3. Toys or pillows

As mentioned earlier, travelling can be stressful for dogs. In order to alleviate some of the anxiety of being in a car, on a train, or inside a plane, you’ll want to have some familiar items on hand. If your pup has a favorite toy, be sure to pack it and have it on hand for the duration of the trip. A familiar pillow that smells like home will provide an amazing distraction to a dog who is having a hard time staying calm in a moving vehicle.

Travelling with large dogs

4. Go Pet Club Pet Stroller

Perhaps you’re not jet-setting with your pup in tow, but rather just going for a walk around your neighborhood. If so, smaller dogs can benefit from pet strollers! They’re designed with small dogs in mind, which means they’re quite different than strollers used for children. The Go Pet Club Pet Stroller is one of the very best, with a frame that folds down easily for storage (or travel, if you’re walking your pet on holiday), has durable mesh for airflow and visibility (because we know your dog loves to be part of the action!), and includes a safety leash.

This product is excellent because you can literally take your dog anywhere and have full confidence that they’ll be safe, comfortable, and able to enjoy the sights along the way!

5. JoJo Modern Pets Essential First Aid Kit 

One of the most important items that dog groomers have on hand is a pet first aid kit, and just because you’re a pet owner doesn’t mean you should be any less cautious! Having a first aid kit specific for your pets is important to have in your home, but it’s necessary if you’re thinking of travelling with your pooch – be it on foot, by car, rail, or plane. You never know when something can happen, and you’ll need items such as tweezers, medical tape, or an ice pack. While we always hope our pets will be safe, it’s not wise to be unprepared!

JoJo Modern Pets Essential First Aid Kit is portable, so it’s easy to bring anywhere (and store at home!). It contains everything you need in case of small emergencies. This kit is useful for humans, as well, and it’s never a bad idea to have bandages, scissors, and ice handy just in case. This accessory will also provide you with peace of mind when taking your pet on the road, as you’ll be able to handle any situation that comes your way.

Pet first aid kit for travel

6. Solvit Pet Travel Organizer Kit 

While all the travel accessories mentioned above are important to bring along with your pup, you’ll need a place to store them! Not only is the Solvit Pet Travel Organizer Kit full of compartments for water, food, and other items, it also comes in an attractive package! This kit comes with an organizer bag, 1-liter water bottle, a food storage bag that holds 10 cups of dry food, and can hold towels, toys, blankets, brushes, and first aid supplies. What more could you ask for?

Having this kit on hand when traveling with your dog will make sure everything stays in one place and can be easily located when it’s time to eat, take bathroom break, or if your pup is feeling slightly anxious.

Have fun travelling with your furry friend, and know that these items will make your life (and theirs) much easier!

Safety is paramount when it comes to caring for dogs, so find out how a dog grooming course can seriously benefit you!

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