Professional dog grooming is a seriously exciting and dynamic career! Not only do you get to work with dogs on a regular basis and form relationships with owners, you’re also constantly building your knowledge and expertise. You can pursue a number of different career paths with your dog groomer certification, including mobile dog grooming, which is one of the most fun and energetic career choices out there!

There are so many perks to becoming a mobile dog groomer, so we’ve put together a list of 5 benefits you’ll enjoy in this fast-paced, rewarding job.

1. Speed

We mentioned above that mobile dog grooming is fast-paced, and we weren’t kidding. By its very nature, mobile dog grooming allows groomers to move around from home to home, literally taking their tools and skills on the road all day.

As a newly certified groomer, you thrive on the busy nature of mobile grooming, and are keen to groom as many dogs as you can within your working hours. We’re not saying that working in a dog grooming salon is any slower – groomers are busy with appointments throughout the day. But mobile grooming is unique in that it allows for a one-on-one experience, making it an easier, quicker groom. One huge perk of becoming a mobile dog groomer is that it will take you roughly between 1-2 hours to groom each pet, which means you can book more appointments throughout the day, and enjoy a higher income and larger clientele as a result.

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However, just because you can fit more appointments into your day as a mobile dog groomer doesn’t mean you should ever rush through a grooming session. Stay calm and stick to best practices when working with every dog, as the last thing you want to do is cause any stress or anxiety. Upsetting your furry clients is not worth a few more appointments on your list for the day – your goal as a groomer is to ensure all your dogs are happy and healthy.

2. Convenience

While many dogs love to be pampered, a dog grooming salon can be a stressful environment for them. Bathing, trimming, and brushing require groomers to be calm in order to keep the dog as relaxed as possible. This can be tricky to achieve in a salon with other dogs nearby – even more so if there’s a great deal of noise. As a mobile dog groomer, however, you’ll be travelling to your client’s home which the dog knows well and feels totally comfortable in. This is a huge bonus for both you and the pup!

Another reason why mobile dog grooming is so convenient is the schedule flexibility. As a groomer, you’re in charge of booking appointments, and you can make your clients’ lives much easier by offering weekend and evening appointments to suit their schedules. Being accommodating with your clients when it comes to their schedule will be much appreciated, and in turn builds strong business relationships. Never underestimate word-of-mouth referrals as a groomer – if your clients are happy with your services and flexibility, you can be sure that they’ll want to spread the word with their dog owner friends.

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Wherever possible, make the grooming experience as convenient and easy as you can. Clients will recognize that you’ve gone the extra mile for them and their pup, and it will benefit your mobile dog grooming business in the long run!

3. One groomer

Consistency and familiarity are key when grooming a dog. Animals will be comforted by the fact that the same person is bathing, brushing and trimming them, which reduces their stress during the whole groom. Mobile dog grooming is a business, and as the business owner, you will be the sole groomer traveling from client to client. This means that human and canine clients will get to know you and your grooming techniques quite quickly, and you’ll develop a bond with dogs who remember and trust you.

Also, your dog grooming jobs will be much more consistent, resulting in a certain groom that your client can expect and depend on. This is a huge advantage over a dog grooming salon, as there can be several different groomers working in one location. While we’re sure that all of the groomers are properly trained, gentle professionals, dogs can feel anxious if they have a different groomer every time they come in.

4. Special care

Let’s face it – not every dog that you meet is going to be healthy, happy, and ready for a groom. While your dog grooming course prepared you to work with different breeds, recognize issues, and trained you in first aid, you still need to exercise caution and care when working with certain dogs. Mobile dog grooming will allow you to give special attention to those pups who need it, and will help alleviate the anxiety that comes up in a salon.

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An older dog, for example, will need to rest instead of stand during the groom, and will require you to be extra gentle. This can be much more easily accomplished in the dog’s home rather than in a pet salon. You’ll be working one-on-one with the dog and you can rest assured that he will feel more comfortable lying down or sitting in an environment he knows well!

Untrained dogs are another client that will need special care, as they can potentially show fear if they’re in an unfamiliar environment. As a mobile pet groomer, you’ll work with them in the comfort of their own home, and you can use a low, soothing voice to ease the dog into your movements and touch. This special attention will be appreciated by your furry client and will result in an easier and more enjoyable grooming session for him.

5. Freedom

For many certified dog groomers, the ultimate goal is to run their own business. A dog grooming business will allow you the freedom of choosing your clients, setting your own fees, and establishing a local brand. Becoming a mobile dog groomer and having your own business is a career path that allows you to put your dog groomer certification to use in a creative way.

As mentioned above, you’ll also work one-on-one with all your clients, accommodate their schedules, and be able to grow your clientele much more quickly than you would if your services were based in a shared dog grooming salon.

Get creative with your dog grooming business by following these helpful tips!

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