Whether your grooming clients are worried about the summer heat or are unsure about how to properly brush their pal, you’re their go-to for reliable information. So what advice do you give for dealing with an animal in the home?

Training a dog can stop a lot of issues from coming up at home. No ruined furniture, less dug up grass in the yard, and an easy pup to walk. But there’s something that you can’t really stop when you have pets – their odour!

Dogs have their own scent, and sometimes it can become overwhelming in the home. To keep your dog grooming customers happy (and their home smelling great), keep these tips for dealing with pet odours in mind!

Keep them clean

First things first, tell your clients that one sure fire way to keep their home smelling fresh is to keep their pets clean! Booking regular dog grooming appointments will keep their pup’s fur soft, shiny, and smelling clean. Owners can also bathe their dogs, but since this is a project that takes some training, it’s best if they only stick to a short wash.

Using a damp cloth, owners can ensure dirt is removed from their pet’s fur – this will keep their floors (and furniture) squeaky clean! When it comes to a full wash, your customers count on you to give their pal a full clean. Dogs like to play in mud and grass – it’s a fact of life! If your clients are diligent about keeping their pal clean, their home will look great as well.

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Get the right products

Cleaning products come in plenty of types and formulas, and are targeted for different uses. Tell your grooming clients to stock up on cleaning products that are specifically formulated to banish pet odours from the home. These products can remove pet stains and odours stuck in the carpet, saving your clients from a frustrating day of scrubbing!

If you can, offer your clients small samples of these products so they can see how effective they really are. Stocking up on stain remover, carpet cleaner, fabric sprays, and air fresheners will keep their home comfortable and pet-friendly.

Some products can be used during a regular clean – like carpet cleaner and fabric sprays – to prevent any smells from accumulating. Stopping the smell before it becomes noticeable will make your customers extremely happy!

Wash up

If your clients are dedicated to keeping pet odours out of their home entirely, they’ll need to set aside some time each month to do a deep clean. Washing out any cages and cleaning toys with soap and water will keep smells from lingering. Plus, you’ll want to recommend washing any dog beds, blankets, or clothes on a regular basis to keep them clean!

Pets are part of the family, and they shouldn’t have to sleep on a dirty bed or play with gross old toys! Make sure to remind your clients how important it is to keep their dog healthy, and keep his belongings clean.

Pets are part of the family, and they shouldn’t have to sleep on a dirty bed or play with gross old toys! Make sure to remind your clients how important it is to keep their dog healthy, and keep his belongings clean.

Owners can also rid their home of dog odours by washing linens often. Fabrics such as curtains, blankets, floor mats, and rugs will collect pet hair and debris and need to be cleaned thoroughly. Generally, a quick vacuum will pick up most of the hair and dirt left behind by your pets – but you’ll want to wash out these fabrics or they’ll become quite pungent!


Let’s face it – some pets smell worse than others. Although we love them either way, that smell isn’t the best thing to greet you when you walk through the front door. Preventing pet odours will make your client’s cleaning routines much easier and less frequent if done properly!

In addition to vacuuming and keeping their pal clean, advise your clients to test out some deodorizers. These are great for people with sensitive noses and eyes, as they won’t irritate the senses like commercial air fresheners can. An old favorite is using baking soda as a deodorizer. Most people use it in the fridge, but it also works wonders to stop pet odours from building up.

There are products that can be placed discreetly throughout the home to deodorize. Your clients should keep these in areas where pet odours are strongest, but remember to keep them out of reach! Whenever you’re working with cleaning products, the first step is making sure they’re safe for your pets. Keep products stored safely, and be sure that all areas are dry and cleaned properly before letting your pal back in.


A simple step to stopping dog odours from building up? Circulate the air! Not everyone has an air purifier, but there’s another way to bring clean air into the home. Opening vents and using a fan system to circulate air through different rooms will move bad air out and fresh air in!

In the summer, your clients should take advantage of the beautiful weather. Keeping windows open to air out the house will make their home feel fresh and lively. Having good air flow in the house will pull odours out and replace them with clean oxygen.

How’s that for a breath of fresh air?

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