Dog groomers don’t have to work in salons! There are so many career paths you can take once you complete your dog grooming certification. We will point out that you don’t need to be certified for every job on the list, but the experience sure does help!

Read on for a glimpse into your career opportunities as a professional groomer!

Salon Owner

There’s no doubt that owning your own business is a huge perk in any career. It’s even better when you get to spend your days caring for some furry friends! Becoming the owner of a professional dog grooming salon can take time, but it’s so worth it.

First of all, you can set your own hours. Although we advise making them pretty stable and convenient for your customers, there’s always some leeway! If you prefer to work mornings or nights, you can schedule yourself to do so. Being a business owner gives you more flexibility than most full-time grooming jobs would.

Second, you’re in complete control of what goes on in your salon. You create the schedules, systems, buy the equipment, and have the final say on clients. This is super important for enjoying what you do – you want to love going to work and doing your job. As a salon owner, you can make this happen for both you and your employees!

Running a dog grooming salon and business

Freelance Groomer

Just like being a salon owner, being a freelance dog groomer allows you to work on a flexible schedule. Freelancing is ideal for those with a hectic schedule, be it work or personal. As a freelancer, you have the final say on appointment times.

Becoming a freelance groomer can help you gain experience if you’re just starting out. It allows you to work another job, parent, or keep up with other commitments while you learn. This is the idea behind an online dog grooming course, as well. Sometimes you can’t stick to a solid schedule, and need to be able to mould your hours to your life. And now you can actually do it!

Rescue Groomer

What would be better than giving some rescue dogs a full clean and pamper? This is probably one of the most rewarding jobs a dog groomer can find!

Of course, working at a rescue can be emotional. It can also be challenging to work with recently rescued dogs. They’re probably anxious or scared, and need time to get comfortable in their new environment.

Although it can be difficult working on rescue dogs, the transformations you’ll create will make all the difference for each pup. They will finally have someone treating them with love and respect – and that’s the best feeling you could ever experience as a professional groomer!

Career as a rescue dog groomer

Clinic Groomer

Working as an in-house groomer for a clinic or vet can give you a stable schedule and a great business partner! If you’re looking to be the resident grooming expert but don’t want to run a salon or business, consider reaching out to local clinics.

Groomers are an important part of a vet’s office. As a groomer, you know how important it is for every single dog to be fully vaccinated before you groom them in your salon. The good news about this? You’re bringing in business for your vet partner, and vice versa!

Customers can get two tasks done in one trip, and you can bet they’ll be willing to pay to get everything done together.

Dog Walker

If you’re an active person at heart, this role will suit you well. With experience from working with multiple dogs, you’ll have an easier time keeping them on track for each walk.

Walking other people’s dogs requires diligence and a perceptive personality. Having a few dogs on hand at the same time means you have a lot of responsibilities, so consider teaming up with a friend for this task!

Pet Sitter

A popular option for any dog lovers, becoming a pet sitter can be exciting and fun! You get to make friends with new animals, and spend more time with them than you typically would during a grooming appointment. As a pet sitter, you do need to have experience caring for different types of dogs.

Being able to calmly work with multiple dogs at once is a key factor for this job, but it’s an excellent way to supplement your income.

You’ll need to make sure you have the space and equipment to offer a pet sitting service, too. Most owners will question you on what will happen when they’re away – you should be able to show them the paradise their pal will be in!

Excited to start? Check out the 8 signs that you’re meant to become a dog groomer!

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