For dog groomers, keeping a dog’s coat healthy is the number one priority. You know there are many things you and owners can do to keep a dog’s fur shiny and soft. From diet and nutrition to brushing and trims, there’s plenty of ways to keep a coat healthy and well-maintained. What can you do to improve hair health? Follow these steps to give your client’s dog a gorgeous coat!

1. Brush between appointments

Brushing a dog is something we encourage in almost every article, and there’s a good reason: it helps keep dogs healthy!

Regular brushing promotes oil production in a dog’s skin which keeps the skin and hair hydrated. Oil also adds shine to a dog’s coat, so his fur will always look healthy! Brushing can be done by the owners at home – just show them the proper brushes and tools to use. Dispersing the oil throughout the hair protects their dog’s hair by keeping it moisturized.

What’s more, regular brushing stops tangles from forming in a dog’s coat. Tangles can turn into painful mats, so it’s important for owners to know how to prevent them! Demonstrate to clients how they can properly and thoroughly brush their dog to maintain his healthy coat.

Dog grooming tips for brushing and cutting dog hair

2. Maintain a healthy diet

Ensuring dogs are fed a healthy diet is an owner’s responsibility, but as a professional groomer your advice goes a long way! Recommendations for healthy dog food or raw diets can give your clients the right information they need to keep their dogs healthy from the inside out.

Owners will see a drastic difference in the condition of their dog’s coat when they switch to a nutrient-rich diet. Substituting oils and vitamins into a dog’s diet will improve the overall health. Since many dog foods contain fillers and additives that aren’t nutritious, advising clients on quality food is a must. Your expertise will keep their pup happy and healthy!

The best diet for your dog to stay healthy

3. Choose a moisturizing shampoo

Not only does moisturizing shampoo benefit the skin, it’s also good for keeping dog hair shiny and healthy! Keeping the skin moisturized prevents itchiness and scratching, and stops hair from becoming dry and brittle.

  • Owners: ward off dandruff and dryness by asking your groomer to use a moisturizing shampoo when you take him for a bathing appointment.
  • Groomers: always have moisturizing shampoo in stock – you never know which dogs will need some extra moisture!

4. Sun protection

In order to keep a dog’s coat healthy, they need to stay protected from the sun. This is most important for short-haired dogs, so be sure to let owners know that sun can damage dogs’ skin too! Most clients will know that the coat protects the dog – but it doesn’t always protect them completely. To keep their dog healthy (and maintain a shiny coat), owners need to be aware of possible damage to the skin. Recommend sunscreen that’s safe for dogs to provide SPF protection during the sunny months!

How often should your dog go to the dog groomer?

5. Go for a regular trim

One of the main ways to maintain healthy dog hair: get it trimmed! Whether the dog is older, younger, playful, or enjoys his sleep, regular trims will remove any tangles or damaged hair. This will keep the dog’s coat soft by encouraging hair growth. By trimming a dog’s coat regularly, his body will keep producing fur which can make the hair thicker and stronger.

Just as well, regular trims ensure any mats and tangles are taken care of immediately. Advise owners not to leave them to get worse – they’ll become bigger and painful to remove! Remember to keep this cheat sheet on hand so you always use the right clippers for each dog.

6. Schedule check-ups!

This one goes for a dog’s general health, but it definitely helps keep the coat healthy! Attending regular check-ups with the vet will keep dogs out of harm’s way. If there are any skin conditions, however minor, the vet will be able to treat them right away. As a groomer, you’ll be the best source for owners to know when their dog needs to visit the vet. Even for small concerns, play it safe and recommend a quick trip to get the condition checked out!

Don’t forget to share these tips with your clients so they know exactly how to keep their pal’s coat looking luscious and shiny!

Interested in more pet hair care tips? Find the most useful tips for grooming a matted dog and perfect your grooming skills!

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