There’s nothing as important as taking proper care of your pet clients, right? So keep those dogs clean and healthy with these New Year’s dog grooming resolutions! As a trained dog groomer you can take the reins to schedule regular appointments or find new tricks to keep pets looking fabulous. We’re here to stick by you and make sure you keep these resolutions for your dog grooming business!

Help keep your client’s dog in tip-top shape by sharing this guide with owners. It will make their job (and yours!) easier when they commit to these pet grooming resolutions for 2017 – and every year, for that matter!

Brushing Often

Just like humans, dogs need their fur brushed regularly. Think about it: what would happen if you didn’t brush your hair for a week? It probably wouldn’t be the best situation to deal with…

Keep your dog’s coat healthy by brushing him often. Depending on the length of your pal’s fur, a couple of brushing sessions a week should do just fine. Always double-check with your groomer if you’re not entirely sure what your dog’s coat needs!

By brushing your dog regularly you keep his fur clean, which in turn keeps it soft and shiny. His fur helps keep things off of his skin as well, so brushing is a must to protect it from dirt. Remove dirt from the fur by brushing and by carefully combing through knots. If you don’t get to the knots quickly, they can easily become painful and hard to remove. In this case, let a groomer handle knots or mats to avoid hurting your pal! If your dog’s fur has a lot of tangles, ask your groomer which brush type is best for him to help keep knots at bay. Prevent them from developing so you can keep brushing your pal easily and painlessly.

Sun Protection

Just like us, dogs need to have their skin checked often for irregularities. Humans are always told to wear SPF when we venture out into the sunlight, and your dog’s skin needs the same kind of protective layer. Be sure to cover up any exposed skin if it’s a sunny day. Check in with your vet for the best ways to protect your pet from sun damage. Get some professional advice on how to keep him safe during severe weather, like heatwaves or freezing temperatures, so you know he’s protected.

Golden retriever with sun protection for dogs during the summer

Regular Grooming Appointments

Consistent and professional grooming appointments are just as important as brushing your dog regularly. Groomers train to properly clean and maintain a pet’s coat and body. Taking your pets to an experienced groomer is simply the best thing you can do to keep them healthy.

DIY grooming can be a huge pain if you’re not experienced, so keep track of how often your dog goes to the groomer for a bath instead. Follow a regular schedule for spa appointments since dogs need to be bathed regularly – especially if they like to play outdoors! You wouldn’t be happy if you were unable to shower for a month, right? Well, neither would your dog! So make sure your pet has a proper grooming and bathing schedule. Even if he doesn’t love the tub, he’ll adore you for taking such good care of him!

Healthy Skin

Brushing and bathing are just a couple of ways to keep your dog’s skin healthy. Help his skin and coat develop by feeding him the best diet possible! Simply stated, nutrition is important for every aspect of life. Keep your dog healthy and active by feeding him nutrient-rich foods. Cut out processed and canned dogfoods since they don’t have the best nutritional value.

There are a lot of pet food brands that tout an all-natural ingredients list, but many contain products that aren’t healthy for your dog. One good option is Fromm Family Pet Food, which prides itself on safe and nutritious dogfood. Or for a quick treat, toss your dog a bite of Crump’s Naturals. But the best nutrition your dog can get is from raw and natural foods. Focus on fruits, veggies, and cooked meats to give your dog a healthy alternative to manufactured kibble. However, make sure none of the foods you feed your dogs are toxic to them! Ask a vet to fill you in on what foods to avoid.

Eye and Ear Checks

Sometimes overlooked, a dog’s eyes and ears need to be monitored for buildup. These are sensitive areas, so ask your groomer to demonstrate how to do a quick and safe clean if your dog has buildup between appointments.

You’ll be able to notice if something is wrong or if your dog looks different than usual. If anything seems abnormal with the eyes or ears, make a trip to the vet or give them a call. Just like humans, dogs rely on their eyes and ears, so they should be functioning at their very best! If you do notice anything wrong, don’t try to fix these problems yourself! You can do more harm to your pal than good. A quick check by the vet will keep your dog healthy and calm your nerves.

Learn to Assess Behaviors

As a groomer, you need to keep both the dog and yourself safe during appointments. This goes for owners as well – you need to know your dog’s reactions and warning signs for when he feels scared or threatened. So invest a little extra time this year into learning about dog behavior!

Knowing what to watch for makes it easier to tell when your dog is in a stressful situation. Dogs are instinctive beings and do their best to protect themselves and their owners (and we love them for it!). Some things, like going to the grooming salon or the vet’s office, have a tendency to make many dogs anxious, so take it easy and work on helping them adjust. Your relationship with your dog is all about trust, after all!

Final Touches

After grooming, there might be something extra you can do to add a little flair to your dog’s new look. Pet accessories are always a trend, so jump on board this year! A simple bow or bandana can give your pal some personal style.

But steer clear of practices that could be unsafe to dogs. For example, dyeing your dog’s fur is NEVER a wise option. Their fur is different from human hair and you can cause damage to their coat by dyeing it.

A good, trained groomer will be able to tell you what is safe for your dog and what could cause him harm. Trust their expertise—and remember, dogs are handsome enough already, so you don’t need to go overboard and change their natural beauty!

White golden retriever with bandana god accessory after being groomed

Knowing when to take your dog to the groomer or the vet is a huge part in taking proper care of him. Keeping up with grooming and vet appointments helps your pal feel happy, clean, and healthy – so make it your number one New Years’ resolution!

Find out how to help your pet groomer by learning how to calm your dog before taking him for his grooming appointment!

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