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Your Grooming Assignments

Complete Your Dog Groomer Training

View sample assignments from your online dog grooming course, and find out how you'll put your theory work into practice. Discover how you'll develop skills as a groomer by building up to your practicum units.

Learn Online with
Hands-On Training

Become a dog groomer with online learning combined with practical hands-on assignments. you'll perform your practical assignments at home, and submit photos and videos of your work.

From there, your personal tutor will evaluate your grooming techniques and provide you with detailed feedback. you'll gain insight into where your skills lie, and what you need to improve on for the next unit of your dog grooming course.

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Study Online

Study your material online. Master the course theory and develop an understanding of proper practices, techniques, and industry knowledge.

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Complete Assignments

Your theory assignments are completed online by simply filling out the assignment template. For practical assignments, you'll submit clear photos and videos of your work.

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Receive Feedback

Your tutor reviews your work and provides detailed feedback, which you'll use to improve on your next unit. you'll receive a letter grade for each unit based on your knowledge and technical skills.

Assignment Samples

View the assignment samples below to find out more about how you'll learn dog grooming online. Your practicum assignments are completed near the end of your grooming course after you've mastered the theory and skills taught in earlier units.

As a student of QC Pet Studies, you'll have access to the interactive assignment templates on the Online Student Center. you'll download PDFs and fill out the templates on your computer by choosing from drop-down lists, typing directly on the assignment, and then uploading your completed version to submit!

Please Note: Only students of QC Pet Studies can access the interactive PDF assignment templates. These assignment samples are to demonstrate what your assignments will look like and are non-functional.

Theory Assignment

Topical Structure

In this assignment, you'll use your knowledge of topical structure to correctly label the given breed's topical features.

Preparatory Assignment

Clipping White Nails

In this assignment, you'll prepare for your practicum units by practicing clipping the nails of a dog with white nails.

Practicum Assignment

Preparation for a Teddy Bear Cut

In this practicum assignment, you'll prepare a dog to receive a classic teddy bear cut. Show the dog fully prepared by following the instructions provided.

Your Grooming Instructions

In your online dog grooming class, you'll have access to interactive PDF assignment templates. For practical assignments, your templates contain videos clips to demonstrate proper framing to capture your work.

Since QC's interactive assignments are only available to current students and graduates, you can view the video clip below to see how you'll film your work.

Preparation for a Groom

The video below is a sample from QC's dog grooming course assignments. Students can watch these clips on their assignment templates in the Online Student Center.