February 14th is only 5 days away! Stressed because you still haven’t found a valentine? You’re not alone! Anyways, who needs a date when you have a dog, right? Impressing your puppy can be a lot like impressing a date – nothing says I love you like the perfect gift. If you’re having trouble, read on for gift ideas that are sure to have both of you staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

New Clothes

Everyone likes to look good on Valentine’s Day, and who says dogs are any different? While gifting clothes can be challenging, remember that nobody knows your pup as well as you. You’re sure to pick something they’ll love!

If your dog is highly intelligent and an equally smart dresser, visit rororir.com for a selection of high-quality cardigans and dresses sure to have him (or her) feeling like the scholar he is. If your pup is more of the laid-back hipster type, shop Ellen DeGeneres’ line for dogs, exclusively on the PetSmart website.

Finally, if you have a diva on your hands, nothing screams princess quite like Moshiqa. Worn by A-list doggos like Lady Gaga’s Miss Asia, Moshiqa carries one of the most luxurious and expensive dog lines out there. If you really feel like splurging this Valentine’s Day, go for the pearl Dubai Necklace. Recently spotted on John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s dog, Lippa, this necklace matches perfectly with anything pink and frilly! If you’re planning a simple night in for just the two of you, Moshiqa has something for that as well! Order one of their soft plush bath robes, perfect for cuddling up and watching Netflix!

Still not enough? Try buying yourself a matching outfit! There’s no better way to say she’s with me than an outfit that matches your date perfectly. Practice the one for you, one for me holiday shopping technique and earn the envy of all your friends. In adorably matching outfits, you and your pup are sure to take best dressed at this year’s Valentine’s Day party.

Valentines Day homemade bacon dog treats


You can easily become overwhelmed with all the dog treat options out there. Like shopping for human food, when shopping for doggy treats, look for a short ingredient list – the shorter, the better! Avoid treats that contain corn, wheat, or soy. Fillers like these, often used as meat replacements, are high in calories and have little nutritional value, and can also have other serious health effects. A treat that tastes good and is also good for your pup is a great way to say I care about you.

Be careful of preservatives too! While they’re sometimes necessary, know which ones are dangerous and which ones are okay. Vitamin E and C, labeled as tocopherols and ascorbic acid, are natural preservatives that are mostly harmless. However, artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT, and Glycerin are not good. Feeding your dog treats with harmful preservatives like these can cause serious relationship problems. Try Zuke’s Mini Naturals in flavors like peanut butter and oat or chicken for a treat that is sure to keep you and your pup cuddling for years to come.

Valentine's Day homemade dog treats

Feeling like a store-bought treat isn’t enough to communicate just how much you actually love your dog? Try making your own! Nothing beats homemade. The internet offers a near limitless supply of doggie treat recipes, so get searching. Remember that dogs are more like people than you think – they have their own individual taste preferences. Feel free to experiment in finding out exactly what it is that gets your dog to look at you with hearts in their eyes. For an extra special touch, try using a heart shaped ice cube tray or heart shaped cookie cutter.


Dogs can easily become bored. While cuddling up to binge watch Netflix may be your idea of the perfect evening, your cuddle buddy could get restless. To keep the attention of your date all night long, try gifting a doggie toy. Or, even better, a treat dispensing doggie toy! The KONG Extreme dog toy is a classic. Made from rubber, these toys are great bone replacements. While delicious, bones can also be very dangerous. On Valentine’s Day opt for a rubber chew toy instead of a bone to avoid an emergency trip to the vet.

Pro tip: Try stuffing the rubber toy with your homemade treats to keep the dog occupied for hours on end.

Valentine's Day dog cuddles


While gifts can be a big part of Valentine’s Day, nothing says I love you quite like spending some good old fashioned quality time together. Puppers are the most loyal friends and some of the only people – or should I say woofs – that will be there through thick and thin. Show them how much you appreciate their love by taking them for a walk, playing in the park, or simply cozying up for a cuddle.

Clothes, treats, toys, and cuddles – who knew a Valentine could be so simple? Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrating loved ones, so don’t forget about your furry friend! Try one of these ideas and your puppy will have hearts in his eyes in no time!

Let us know in the comments what you’re gifting your pup this Valentine’s Day.

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