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Dog Grooming License vs. Certification

What's the difference between a dog grooming license and a dog grooming certificate?

Is Training Required to Be a Dog Groomer?

In many places, there are no formal licensing or training requirements to be a professional dog groomer. It all depends on where you live and varies from region to region. Some places require a license or certification in order to operate a grooming business. Others will require nothing at all.

Be sure to research local regulations to best determine what is required in order to start a dog grooming career in your city or town.

Even if education is not required, discover the many advantages of getting professionally trained and certified!

Dog Grooming License

There is no international standard that defines what a dog grooming license is. However, it's considered a reputable document that proves you're fit to groom dogs.

In certain areas, a freelance groomer running their own business will require a Pet Grooming Facility License or regional certification for their facility. The groomer themselves might not need that license, but their business will.

Obtaining a dog grooming license varies by location. It might be as simple as sending in an application or taking a written exam. To know for sure, call your local government to find out the regulations in your area!

Keep in mind: a dog grooming license won't teach you how to be a groomer. It's strongly recommended that you pair your license with a professional certification course.

Discover the difference between in-person and online certification courses here!

Dog Grooming Certification

A certification is earned after successfully completing a professional dog grooming certification course. Unlike a dog grooming license, a certification represents the training, education, and knowledge you have in the field of dog grooming.

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Dog grooming certification courses will teach you

  • Breed standards
  • Grooming techniques
  • Dog anatomy
  • How to create various haircuts and styles
  • How to use and sanitize equipment
  • Dog behavior
  • First aid training
  • Business training
  • And more!

To truly be the best dog groomer you can be, proper training from a certification course is essential!

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