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Breed Styling Workshop

Do you already have some grooming experience? If you want to upgrade your professional skillset and learn how to groom every breed, the Breed Styling Workshop is an excellent fit for you. Learn advanced styling techniques for purebred breeds without having to relearn the basics like grooming preparation, and scissor and clipper techniques.

The Breed Styling Workshop starts with the fundamentals of dog anatomy and behavior. You'll learn professional grooming practices before moving on to your practical units where you'll groom a terrier, a non-sporting breed, a mixed breed, and a breed of your choice!

Learn from certified master groomers who have over five decades of combined grooming experience. Our expert tutors will give you professional insight and feedback on your work to ensure your success in the workshop. Upon graduation, you'll receive the Breed Styling Workshop certificate of completion as well as the International Dog Grooming Professional™ (IDGP™) designation. Your qualifications prove to clients and employers that you've completed professional training.

This workshop prepares students to take the optional NDGAA or Canadian Pet Stylists certification exams. Earn additional accreditations and advance your career!

QC's Breed Styling Workshop Includes

  • 9 online course texts covering essential information regarding dog anatomy and grooming procedures
  • 5 hours of video tutorials featuring certified master groomers working on numerous breeds
  • 4 practicum units that enable you to complete a number of breed cuts from start to finish
  • Free first aid training that provides you with the knowledge to prevent and respond to emergency situations
Breed Standards course text

Who Will Benefit from This Workshop?

  • Grooming assistants who want to expand their skillset into styling services
  • Dog groomers who are comfortable with basic services but want to enter conformation grooming competitions
  • Experienced dog groomers who have never received professional education on interpreting and implementing breed standards

Fundamental pet service knowledge is a prerequisite for this workshop. You won't spend time reviewing grooming tools, hair clipping, bathing, drying, and brushing. Instead, skip right to grooming techniques for a variety of breeds. If you'd like a refresher in these areas, we recommend the Dog Grooming Course which covers the fundamentals and everything included in the Breed Styling Workshop.

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  • 21-day money-back guarantee
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21 Day Money Back Guarantee

QC Pet Studies' Guarantee

QC means Quality of Course, and we stand behind that promise. That's why QC Pet Studies offers a money-back guarantee.

The 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try the course risk-free for 21 days. This gives you time to receive your course materials and evaluate whether the dog grooming course is right for you. If you decide it s not a good fit, simply contact QC and request a refund. It's that easy!

Note: For sanitary reasons, the clippers and attachment combs provided with the dog grooming course cannot be refunded (value $200 US)

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Your Certificate of Completion

Upon graduation, you'll receive your Breed Styling Workshop certificate. You'll also receive the International Dog Grooming Professional (IDGP) designation. These qualifications attest to your success in learning how to expertly groom a dog of any breed.

Breed Styling Workshop certificate

Tools to succeed

To complete the assignments in the course, you'll need the following tools:

  • A selection of grooming brushes and combs
  • Dematting tools
  • Nail clippers
  • Styptic product
  • Hemostats
  • A selection of professional scissors
  • Professional clippers with a selection of blades or blade settings
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Ear powder
  • Restraints
  • Grooming table
  • Bathing setup
  • High-velocity dryer and/or stand dryer
  • Towels
  • Face mask
  • Ear protection

Please note that you'll need to purchase these tools yourself if you don't already own them. As a student of QC Pet Studies, take advantage of discounts from established dog grooming brands.

See the list here!

Course Outline

The Breed Styling Wokshop is split into three parts, each containing individual training units.

You must complete a unit with a satisfactory grade before you can submit assignments for the next units.

In the first part of the course, you'll review your knowledge of dog anatomy, skincare, and dog behavior. You'll learn all about the basics of working with canines and keeping yourself safe in the grooming environment.

Dog Anatomy

Learn how a dog's skeletal and muscular structure informs you on interpreting grooming patterns. You'll also discover the physical variations between breeds that define appropriate cut and styling options.

Dog Skincare and Esthetics

Examine hair types and learn how to work with owners to maintain healthy skin and hair. You'll also touch on skin condition symptoms, causes, and treatments. You can't diagnose skin conditions (that's left to veterinarians), but groomers play a role in identifying potential abnormalities during appointments.

Dog Behavior

Focus on dog behavior as well as understanding dog temperaments. You'll learn about reading physical distress signals and how to adapt your own behavior to ease them into the grooming procedure.

Personal Health and Safety

Prevent illness and injury to yourself by learning all about handling grooming tools, preventing muscle strain, and maintaining a clean workspace.

The second part of the course covers foundational dog first aid training. Understand how to prevent illness and accidents and treat basic injuries in this condensed version of QC's Dog First Aid course.

Safety Assessment and First Aid

Learn about pet afflictions and assessing symptoms. Then, learn how to properly check vitals, treat wounds, and perform rescue procedures.

The last third of the course is broken up into four units. Learn all about interpreting breed standards and applying them to a variety of breeds. You'll complete a series of practical assignments grooming each dog from start to finish. Be tested on how well you adhere to official breed standards to bring out a dog's best features.

Groom a different dog for each unit

Prepare and groom the head, body, limbs, rear, and tail of a variety of breeds most often tested in a certification exam.

  • Terrier
  • Non-sporting breed
  • Mixed breed

Complete the course by researching and grooming a breed of your own choice.