Coming home to a stinky pet is something every dog owner can relate to. There are many reasons why people want to rid their home of pet odors. The most obvious one being that most people don’t want to live in a permanently smelly home. Other reasons can include wanting a clean smelling home when you have guests over, or when you’re putting your home up for sale. And before you start ripping up all the carpeting in your home, you’ll probably want to try banishing those pet odors yourself.

Please don’t just dump bleach all over the stinky areas! Bleach won’t get rid of the stench, it’ll only disinfect the areas. Plus, bleach is not healthy for humans and animals to breathe in.

Read on for our guide to preventing and treating stinky pet odors!

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Stop odor at the source: Groom your pets regularly

Regular grooming by a certified pet groomer can do wonders for your dog’s health. Not only do professionals have tested grooming skills, but they also have the right dog grooming equipment and products that’ll save you a lot of grief.

A typical dog groomer, for example, will bathe and brush your dog along with cleaning up sensitive areas. Pet odors aren’t just caused and trapped by your pet’s skin or fur, they can also be linked to a dog’s teeth and ears (bad bacteria or infections!). Your dog groomer will take care of these areas during the appointment, too. Not only will you be giving your pet a revitalizing “deep clean”, but they’ll also leave happier if they had any painful mats removed.

Pro tip: Give your dog some parsley from time to time to freshen its breath!

Take them to the vet

If your groomer discovers any infections during the groom, they’ll let you know. They’re often the first ones to spot any complications during their head-to-tail grooming sessions. Sometimes, their odors may need medical intervention. Stay vigilant!

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Preventing long-term odors in the home

The best way to prevent long-term odors is to regularly clean the home. Wash all linens, bedding, and toys your pets come into contact with. Stop odors in their tracks instead of masking the scents later on. No amount of air freshener or candles can get rid of the underlying musk embedded in the walls or carpet!

Invest in a carpet or sofa cleaner. Pet odors get trapped in fabrics and textiles. Unfortunately, many pet owners think that vacuuming is enough. You need to invest in a steam cleaner or hire professional carpet cleaning services if you’re serious about reducing odors. Luckily, there are some products that can extend the time between services…

Natural cleaning solutions that work

You only really need two products to do your heavy lifting. Vinegar and baking soda. These two natural cleaners are some of the most effective odor-eliminating products out there. You don’t actually need to go buy expensive specialty products. These two dirt-cheap products are recommended for many household applications and are pet-safe.

mopping floors to get rid of pet fur, dander, and pet odors


To use, mix pure white vinegar into a spray bottle in a 1:1 ratio with water. If you’ve never used vinegar before, don’t try it with other varieties—rice, wine, apple cider, etc. Stick to the pure white 2L jugs! You may be wondering how vinegar, something that smells so strong be a deodorizer. But the scent of vinegar actually fades pretty quickly. If you can’t stand the smell, just spray down the affected areas, and prop open the windows to air it all out!

Baking soda:

To use, evenly coat the odorous areas with a layer of baking soda—don’t be stingy with the amount! Let it stand for an hour, and then vacuum it up. This works on carpets and sofas! You may want to circle back to the vinegar if you have a particularly stubborn odor stain.

Bring in the big guns

Perhaps there’s a urine stain that’s never been removed. The longer urine sits on the carpet, the more it seeps deeper and deeper into the foundations of the home. It may even seep into the hardwood underneath! In these cases, the natural solutions may do little to rid your home of the stench.

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If all else fails, there’s still one more solution you can turn to for stubborn odors: natural enzyme cleaner. Cleaners such as Nature’s Miracle work by breaking down the proteins in odor-causing bacteria. They’re completely harmless to humans and pets and can work wonders to kill mildew and mold, too!

DIY pet owners can even try making their own.

Are there any other tricks we missed? Let us know in a comment!

Between professional dog grooming appointments, you must do some maintenance grooming. Check out these grooming mistakes dog owners often make!

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