Once you’ve finished dog grooming school, the world is your oyster! Many pet industries don’t require you to get any specific experience or training before starting. All you need is some familiarity with the field, comfortability about dogs, and a willingness to learn! The reality is, you’ve got more job options than you can count! If you’ve ever wanted to explore other industries while still working with your furry friends, read on!

Dog Walker

Step 1: visit some dog owners who’ve hired you for the day. Step 2: gather up all the pups. Step 3: walk them. This all sounds pretty straightforward, right? Another health-related profession, dog walking is good exercise for both yourself and your dogs! You’ll need to ensure that dogs are hydrated, well-fed, and in good health. If they need shade, you need to sense it. And if they need to go number 2, you better be ready to scoop it up!

This service is best bundled with pet sitting services. Since the owners already know that you can care for their dog and are familiar with their needs, it’ll be a cinch!

9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School

Pet Sitter

Almost exactly like babysitting but with 100% more cuddles. You probably started off as a pet sitter or have done it sometime in the past. Depending on where you work, you could earn some serious dough as a sitter. Some lucky sitters have even moved up the trust ladder and earned a post house sitting, too!

When you do a good job, the dogs will show it when their owners return. Word spreads quickly among those who hire sitters—it’s hard to find someone you trust enough to care for pets that are seen as members of the family. If you love being the cool aunt who comes around once in a while, this job is for you!

9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School

Dog Trainer

As it stands, there aren’t any regulations that require dog trainers to get a license or any education in general. Just like with dog grooming, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you need it. Of course, we are always going to be advocates for professional education!

You need basic animal care knowledge for this profession. In order to get the dog’s you’re working with to learn, you need to be familiar with common animal behaviors. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare your training methods. It also gives you insight into the type of conditioning and rewards necessary to train a specific dog.

Pet Treat Baker

Take your love of DIY homemade treats to the next level! During your training, you probably learned all about pet allergies and the various ailments that dogs are subjected to. While you are by no means a vet (unless you’re trained as one, too!), knowing about toxic ingredients was a literal lifesaver when stocking your grooming kit with treats.

Before you commit to opening a full-on bakery, you can thankfully test this career out in small doses. Go to local pet trade shows or even regular craft/art/food/drink shows. When it comes to canvassing your goods, know that Sunday market visitors are always in the mood to buy treats!

9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School

Dog Café Owner

Although not quite as popular as cat cafes, dog cafes actually exist! Take inspiration from America’s first dog café and follow your dreams.

Most dogs who stay at dog cafes hail from shelters. It’s a friendly environment that lets people essentially “test out” a dog before they bring it home. The dogs are treated well, get all their meals and exercise, and get the attention they deserve. Then, when they get adopted, a new crew of canines is introduced to the café.

If you have a passion for resettling homeless pups, this is the place for you.

9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School

Pet Apparel Maker

Usually, it’s around the holiday season that dogs walk around with cozy sweaters and antlers. But we firmly believe that dogs can rock a good tutu all year round. You’d be surprised what a booming business pet apparel is! But people are spending an average of $140 each month on their beloved pooches!

Some apparel is for fancy occasions, but others are necessary. From leashes to Elizabethan collars to muzzles. Not to mention the tiny boots and socks to protect a doggie’s paws from Mother Nature. You don’t have to knit every sweater from scratch, but pet accessories are quite the lucrative business.

9 Pet-Related Industries to Consider After Dog Grooming School

Pet Photographer

We’ve seen some pretty adorable pups take some hilarious photos in our day. While pet photography is a fairly niche market, it can be highly rewarding. Not only are pet photo sets great as gifts for dog owners, but your photography skills could be handy for your business. When you want to find new clients for your grooming gigs, you can show potential clients what you’re made of.

A freelance dog groomer will need a good portfolio. Taking before and after photos to show off your skill set and technique is ultimately more convincing than a well-designed business card. Plus, when you already have amazing photography skills, your grooming job will shine its brightest.

Any other pet-related careers worth mentioning? Let us know!

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