As a committed pet owner and lover, maybe you’ve wondered if you could save a few bucks by learning to groom your pet yourself. Although QC’s Dog Grooming Course is geared towards those hoping to have a professional career in dog grooming, it doesn’t mean pet owners won’t gain anything!

You can learn many valuable skills through taking dog grooming class online. Let’s dive into how some of these skills can be applied to regular pet owning – not just professional grooming.

First Aid for Pets

Knowing how to act when your pet in a medical emergency is important! When you enroll in QC’s Dog Grooming Course, you’ll get the First Aid Course for free. Of course, you could also enroll in the First Aid Course without the grooming course.

Learning first aid for pets could save your pet’s life one day. The course focuses on safety in a dog grooming setting, but it’s all applicable to daily pet-owning life. With video tutorials, course texts, and quizzes, your certification will ensure you know how to respond in an emergency.

This is only one of the many skills you’ll gain from taking dog grooming class online. It’s a pretty obvious one—the name speaks for itself! But keep reading, because we’re about to dive into some less obvious skills you may not have thought of.

Dog Skincare & Grooms

Though your pet’s fur covers their skin, they still need skincare just like us. As a pet owner, it’s a great skill to know how to care for your dog’s skin. This means dealing with skin issues and learning about sensitive areas.

Of course, QC’s course focuses on grooming in a professional setting. In order to complete the course, you’ll be required to perform grooms on a variety of breeds. So even if you only have a golden retriever, and only intend on grooming that breed, you’ll still have to groom other breeds to get your certification. This may not be practical for all dog owners. However, it could be a great skill to have so you can groom your friends’ dogs on the side! Grooming can be a hobby, too. It doesn’t have to be a full-time career!

Having Tools (& knowing how to use them!)

Online grooming classes often send you a starter set of tools when you enroll. QC Pet Studies’ Dog Grooming Kit comes with clippers, scissors, and various brushes. Having these on hand will be extremely helpful as a pet owner. Through the course texts, you’ll know exactly which tool variant to use for your dog’s specific needs. If your pet’s nails are getting too long, don’t fear! You’ll have the tools and skill to safely give them a trim.

Having your own set of grooming tools and knowing how to use them will also enable you to…

  • Prevent mattes by brushing regularly
  • Keep your pet’s face free of hair
  • Care for floppy-eared dogs to prevent ear infections
  • Properly brush and clean your dog’s teeth (which will prevent gingivitis and gum disease!)


There are more skills to be gained from an online pet grooming course that aren’t just technical! The following are the most applicable to pet owners.

Learning to be patient with animals is important when working with your pet! Maybe you think your pooch is an angel and that they won’t ever test your patience. But, all dogs have their moments! Through online grooming class, you’ll learn to care for pets that require special care like puppies, senior dogs, and maybe even an anxious pooch!

Though your pet might not be a hyperactive or anxious, learning to be patient will be helpful in all aspects of your life – not just when working with pets. Think about how helpful patience is when working with difficult colleagues or trying to accomplish a tedious task.

Time Management

Taking online courses while juggling other priorities is a lot of work! Working at your own pace is something that we encourage! You have three years to complete your certification. But you can also speed through it as fast as you’d like!

Time management is not only a great skill for professional groomers to nurture but also for regular pet owners! Whether we like to admit it or not, owning pets means another priority on your to-do list. Luckily, taking an online course will push you to improve your time management skills. We’re not saying you can’t learn time management on your own. But taking an online course might be the push you need to do so.

should owners take dog grooming class online

So, should pet owners take a dog grooming class online?

It depends on what you feel both your pet and you need! Some people enjoy grooming their own pets, and some pets would rather be groomed by their owner, too. Grooming can definitely be a hobby. If you adore animals, though, a course could open your eyes to see pet grooming as a potential career.

Online dog grooming courses are often affordable and convenient. They are definitely worth the time and money in the long run. There are many skills to be gained from taking dog grooming classes online, both technical and otherwise!

What skills do you think pet owners need to learn? Leave a comment and let us know!

Still on the fence? Check out these perks of taking a dog grooming course online.

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