Besides the 19 full-color course texts and over 900 minutes of instructional video content, QC’s Dog Grooming Course provides students with a grooming kit. This 22-piece professional dog grooming kit has everything you need to complete the course and start a career as a dog groomer!

Keep reading to see the full kit!

1.      WAHL ARCO 5-in-1 Cordless Clipper with 8 Stainless Steel Snap-On Combs

For most dog breeds, you’ll use clippers to shave off the majority of the dog’s hair. Don’t think human-hair clippers will cut it! These clippers are specifically designed for use on dogs with their powerful motors and higher teeth-count per blade. A good pair of clippers start at a price of $100.

The QC Pet Studies’ dog grooming kit includes the lightweight and ergonomic WAHL ARCO clippers. They’re one of the most widely trusted brands in the grooming industry. These cordless clippers include rechargeable battery packs so you can move around freely during your grooms. They earn the “5-in-1” title from the five different blade size settings they can switch between—you don’t need to change blades between clippings! The blade sizes are #9, #10, #15, #30, and #40. Note that the #40 is surgical grade and only for veterinarian use.

You’ll also receive eight stainless steel snap-on comb attachments for added versatility. Use these combs with your blades to cut dog coats to a variety of lengths—from an eighth to a full inch of hair!

This professional clipper and comb set has a retail value of $200.

QC Pet Studies Free WAHL ARCO 5-in-1 Cordless Clipper with combs

2.      Three Pairs of Professional 440C Steel Grooming Scissors

These 440C stainless steel scissors are powerful enough to cut through all hair types. The high carbon content of the steel makes them durable so they stay sharp longer.

A professional dog groomer pays attention to the little details. Your trusty clippers will take off the majority of hair. But you’ll still need some sharp scissors to complete the cut. Sensitive areas and thin hairs that clippers can’t reach require extra attention. As such, these ergonomic scissors allow you to complete detailed grooms without straining your hands. You can adjust the tension to with a dial to accommodate every coat’s requirements.

The set includes versatile straight scissors for general work along with a pair of curved scissors to create rounded edges with ease. You’ll also receive a pair of blenders featuring single-sided teeth and a cutting blade to thin out the dog’s coat without sacrificing length. Use it to soften and transition hair lines between body parts. Lastly, you’ll receive a bonus greyhound comb with this set. The set comes in a leather case for ultimate portability.

This high-end grooming scissor set has a retail value of $200.

dog grooming kit scissors set for QC Pet Studies dog grooming course

3.      Professional-Grade Combs, Coat Tools, Nail Clippers

Last but not least, you’ll receive a variety of tools in your dog grooming kit to help you accomplish a full-body groom.

Slicker Brush: This is the primary tool you’ll use on dogs every day once you’re a certified groomer. You’ll receive two slicker brushes in your kit to accommodate different coat types and densities. The first is a soft slicker brush and the second is a curved slicker brush. You’ll use these brushes to detangle knots, but they’re also useful for removing the dead undercoat of a double-coated client.

Greyhound Comb: A greyhound comb has both wide and narrow-teeth settings. Use this tool to remove loose mats and tangles from a coat. Throughout the grooming process, run the wide tooth through the hairs to pull out the loose, excess coat that the brush missed.

Fine Tooth Comb: Use the fine tooth comb in the final check for mats and excess hairs. As the teeth are set super close together, you will know you’ve groomed the dog effectively if the comb doesn’t catch.

Undercoat Rake: This tool is used to thin and de-shed a dog’s undercoat. The wide metal teeth helps with the detangling process without destroying the top coat.

Mat Breaker: You’ll receive two mat breakers, one small and one large. They both have long narrow hooked blades to cut through mats and allow them to be brushed out without pulling on the coat.

Curry Comb: Use this brush to break up the top coat and any shedding. This rubber comb is most effective on smooth-coated dogs—those who don’t have an undercoat.

Nail Clippers: You’ll receive two plier-style, spring-loaded nail clippers. The smaller of the two is for trimming the thinner nails of small dogs. The larger clippers are best for medium- and large-sized dogs.

This starter kit of combs, breakers, and clippers has a retail value of $50.

QC Pet Studies Free Professional-Grade Combs, Coat Tools, Nail Clippers

Taking care of your dog grooming kit:

This dog grooming kit provides most of the tools you’ll need during your professional training and after graduation. No matter what, you’ll need to constantly sharpen or replace your tools—it’s inevitable. But grooming tools aren’t cheap! And if you’re not careful, you may end up destroying your dog grooming equipment!

Make sure you clean and sterilize your tools after each use. Remove any visible hairs, soak them in soapy hot water, and rub them with alcohol to kill any remaining germs. The last thing you want is to transmit any diseases and germs between doggie clients! Not only will you accrue a bad reputation as a groomer, but you’ll also be putting your clients’ dogs at risk. Don’t skimp on cleaning!

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