Grooming your dog doesn’t have to be a luxury activity that you splurge on once a year—although, you should be going more often than that! Dog grooming delivers more than temporary cosmetic improvements—it’s absolutely necessary for the sake of your dog’s health! Regular grooming removes and prevents painful hair mats and maintains your pup’s great coat condition.

Many dog owners don’t schedule regular grooms because of the myth that only long-haired breeds need grooming—it’s simply not true! Brushing your dog’s coat will stimulate the skin and blood flow, distribute the natural oils of the dog’s coat to condition the hairs, and reduce shedding. So yes, there are heaps of benefits.

Want to know why you should learn to groom your dog at home? Keep reading!

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1. Save Money by Home Dog Grooming

Dogs don’t have as short lifespans as they used to. Our canine companions live much longer these days, which means more trips to a dog groomer over the span of their lifetime!

We’ve already covered the health benefits of grooming a dog, so you know that consistent grooming is key. But more frequent appointments can get expensive. Luckily, there is a way to make sure your canine companions maintain superior health without breaking the bank…groom them yourself!

The initial start-up cost might be a bit pricey depending on the tools you need for your dog grooming kit. These tools will vary depending on your dog’s breed and the number of dogs you own. But you’ll make back your money quickly throughout the lifetime of your dog(s).

2. Bond with Your Dog

Besides the money factor, taking your dog to the groomer can take up a lot of your time. Booking the appointment, driving them over, waiting out the time, and then picking them up again—it can swallow up a huge chunk of your day!

When you learn to groom your own dog at home, you can do it whenever you have the chance. You’ll have much more flexibility because you can schedule it around your other priorities.

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Try not to think about grooming as a chore. See it as a bonding experience! Grooming doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be relaxing for both your dog and yourself! Especially since your dog is familiar with you and your home, it can be a comforting experience.

Your dog has probably been there for you through thick and thin. They offer unconditional love and strive to make you happy whenever they can. So why not do the same for them? If you enjoy the feeling of putting on freshly washed clothes and getting a sharp haircut, why wouldn’t your dog want to feel the same?

3. Keep Maintenance Costs Down

Dog grooming isn’t just a one-and-done ordeal. If you’ve committed your long-haired dog to getting a full grooming appointment every six weeks, that’s still plenty of time for mats to form.

The best way to keep tangles at bay is to learn how to do regular “mini-grooms”. These mini-groom will help maintain your dog’s coat condition while extending the time between regular appointments. Just brushing your dog’s coat once a week can keep them happy and healthy.

Basic grooming still requires a little study, though. In grooming classes, you’ll learn about your dog’s specific breed conditions. Outside of class, invest in quality home grooming equipment and practice! A bit of maintenance here and there can go a long way.

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4. You’ll Have a New Skillset!

Some people like knitting while others enjoy working out at the gym. You, however, will develop hard and transferable skills that, in our eyes, trumps those hobbies! Once you learn how to groom a dog according to breed standards, you’ll be able to groom all dogs of the same breed. You’ll also know a thing or two about grooming dogs with similar coat types.

Many owners take dog grooming classes for just to groom their own dogs, but then discover how much you enjoy it. Hobbies, with a little hard work and dedication, can become rewarding careers. Try grooming another breed and see if it’s right for you. You may have enjoyed it just with your own pet because they are accustomed to you, so you may want to try your hand with other dogs before taking the plunge!

5. Check Your Dog for Physical Abnormalities

Imagine your dog is in pain or has an infection. You would take them to the vet as soon as possible. If you had the option of catching an ailment or condition affecting your dog early, why wouldn’t you?

Between visits to the professional groomer, when you do home dog grooming, you’ll have a greater chance of spotting changes in your pet’s health.

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Grooming can also prevent certain health issues from happening. For example, clipping your dog’s nails can help with proper balance, posture, and distributing weight correctly throughout the paw. Long nails force them to shift their weight and contributes to joint pain! This is especially important for grooming older dogs that may also have arthritis.

You’ll also positively impact their dental hygiene, find fleas and ticks early, spot potential bacterial ear infections, and remove painful hair mats.

So, why wouldn’t you want to learn a bit about dog grooming?

Ready to learn how to groom your dog at home? Check out QC’s online Dog Grooming Course!

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