So you’ve decided on a career in or around the pet industry. A lot of people will go straight to thinking of a career in pet health care or dog training. Have you considered a career as a professional dog groomer? It’s such a rewarding field. In no particular order, let’s take a few minutes to examine the perks of becoming a dog groomer.

1. The Dogs

Seriously, when are “more dogs” ever considered a bad thing? If you’re obsessed with your own fur babies and don’t mind the occasional dog hair in your morning coffee, you’ll probably agree that there’s no better way to spend your working hours than when you’re surrounded with dogs of all shapes and sizes. As a bonus, compared to many other professionals in the industry, you get to work with mostly healthy, mostly well-behaved pups!

perks of being a dog groomer

2. Career Flexibility

Are you interested in running your own business? Or maybe you’d like to work as an in-house groomer at an established salon or pet store? How about working in a Vet office? Or why not a mobile grooming salon? Now the grooming itself – Do you want to specialize in classic grooming or do you want to compete in national grooming competitions where you can let your creativity run free? There are countless options for professional groomers… and you’re free to mix and match to create the perfect career for you.

3. Feel-Good Factor

Grooming dogs is often about much more than just esthetics. Often times, you’re actually helping a dog whose coat is matted, or whose nails are overgrown, or who suffers from regular ear infections. These dogs will leave your grooming session feeling better, usually accompanied by a profoundly grateful owner.

Or what if you dedicate part of your career to helping abandoned pets find new homes? Many dogs that come into shelters and rescues are severely neglected and in desperate need of a bath, brush, and maybe even a shave. With your help, these dogs will be more comfortable and will have an easier time finding their forever home. The feeling you get from helping a furry friend in this way is truly one-of-a-kind.

pet grooming

4. Portability

Let’s face it. People love their pets. And they’re always going to spend money to spoil them to the nth degree. Because of this, the pet industry is one that’s growing at a staggering rate… and it’s basically recession-proof. When you have solid skills as a dog grooming professional, you can pretty much find a job or establish a business just about anywhere. What’s not to love about that!

5. The Money

Speaking of “recession-proof”… that means you’re looking at a career that will provide you with a steady income for the rest of your life. Once you’re established and you have a solid reputation and a loyal client base, you’ll be in a position where you actually have to turn down work! When you hit this plateau in your career, you also find yourself in a great place financially.

6. The People

Not only are you going to establish a loyal client base who you’ll love and cherish. You’re also going to get to network with like-minded individuals who share your passion and enthusiasm for the industry. Attend a single dog grooming conference, expo, or summit and you’ll instantly make hundreds of new friends and acquaintances. Seriously… your friends and family probably roll their eyes when you start talking about dogs, but this group never will!

perks of being a dog groomer

7. Education

The grooming industry is ever-changing. With new developments in techniques, trends, tools, etc., this is a career in which you’ll always be learning and expanding your mind. The best groomers in the world are the ones who don’t even call themselves experts – because they’re always open to a different technique, style or trend. If you’re an individual who not only enjoys learning, but also enjoys pushing the boundaries of what’s considered a “best practice”, then you’re going to love your job as a dog groomer.

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