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How QC's Online
Dog Training Course Works

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Learning Online

Learning to become a dog trainer online can be just as effective as learning in a classroom.

QC has been delivering online courses for over 30 years. You'll benefit from this experience in the Online Dog Training Course!

The key to successful online training is to provide you with tons of hands-on experience throughout your course. Combine that with detailed individualized feedback from your tutor and you're guaranteed to receive a well-rounded educational experience!

Wondering exactly how your dog trainer education will unfold? Here's a detailed overview of how your course, assignments, grades, and graduation will work.

Starting the Dog Training Course

After you enroll online, you'll receive login instructions for your online student center within one business day. Follow the instructions to start your dog training journey!

Your online student center will contain all your course materials: Your course guides, lesson texts, assignment templates and video tutorials are all in the student center. This is also where you're going to upload your assignments and review your tutor's feedback.

View a detailed course outline to learn more about your dog trainer course.

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Your Dog Training Assignments

Throughout the course, you'll complete a variety of theoretical and practical assignments that are designed to test your understanding and develop your training skills.

Theory-Based Assignments

Being a dog trainer requires a high level of theoretical knowledge of a wide range of topics. You have to become an expert in learning theory, stages of development, dog breed characteristics, training methods, and much more.

Through a series of quizzes, short answer assignments and case studies, your knowledge of dog training theory will be put to the test. As you work through your online course, the first few units will focus heavily on theory-based assignments. Your knowledge and skills will improve during this time, and you'll gradually notice a shift toward more and more practical assignments in the later units of the course.

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Practical Assignments

Once you're familiar with dog training fundamentals, you need to practice your skills on actual live dogs. Luckily in dog training, you can use your own dog(s) to practice methods and skills.

At the start of your course, your practical assignments will focus on interpreting behaviors exhibited by dogs in your household and environment. As you progress through your training, your practical assignments will evolve to teaching dogs new behaviors using different methods and techniques, and modifying common unwanted behaviors. You'll take videos of you working with dogs so that your tutor can evaluate your work!

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Receiving Feedback From Your Tutor

You'll receive advice and detailed feedback from your tutor after every unit you complete.

Your tutor truly cares about your success and will encourage you to submit your very best work. After each unit of the dog training course, you'll receive an audio file where your tutor explains what you did well, and where you should focus to improve your skills even further. See how your skills and confidence improve as you work your way through the course!

Meet Your Tutor

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Your Graduation

Once you've completed your dog training course and your tuition has been paid in full, you'll be all set to graduate. Your professional dog trainer certificate will be sent straight to your home!

Please keep in touch. We'd love to hear how you're doing!