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How QC's Online Dog Groomer Training Works

Online dog groomer training can be just as effective as in-class training. QC has over 30 years of experience in online education, and has now applied that expertise to the online dog grooming course! The key is to provide students with plenty of hands-on training and feedback every step of the way. Remember, just because you're learning dog grooming online doesn't mean you're learning alone!

Wondering exactly how your online dog groomer education will unfold? Here's a detailed overview of how your course, assignments, grades, and graduation will work.


Starting the Dog Grooming Course

The first thing you'll do after enrolling is log in to your personal account in the Online Student Center. From there you'll be able to access your dog grooming course guides, lesson texts, assignment templates and video tutorials. You'll automatically be sent your grooming tools when you've completed Unit B and you're ready to begin your practical work.

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Your Dog Grooming Assignments

Throughout your course, you'll complete a variety of theoretical and practical assignments that are designed to test your knowledge and develop your dog grooming techniques.

Theory-Based Assignments

In order to be a qualified professional groomer, you need to master dog grooming theory. Throughout your online grooming course you'll learn everything from grooming tools, to dog behavior and temperaments, to the unique challenges of working with puppies, seniors, and other dogs who have special needs, and much more.

Your knowledge in these areas will be tested with quizzes, case studies and other theoretical assignments, which will all be graded by your personal tutor. As you progress through the course, you'll become more and more comfortable with dog grooming theory, and you'll shift your focus to your practical grooming assignments.

Practical Assignments

Getting a chance to practice your skills on real dogs is an essential part of any good dog grooming program, and QC's online course is no exception. At the start of your course, practical assignments will focus on getting comfortable with dogs and the grooming environment, and you'll progress to completing partial grooms focusing on specific elements. During your practicum units, you'll be completing several start-to-finish breed standard grooms.

you'll take step-by-step pictures or videos of your work as you go, and upload them to your online student center. Your tutor will evaluate your work and provide you with detailed feedback on what you did well and where you could improve.

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Finding Dogs for Grooming Assignments

Throughout your dog groomer training you'll have the chance to work with many different dogs. You can work with your own dog, your friends' or family members' dogs, or you can reach out to your local animal shelter or a nearby rescue. After all, it's never too hard to find people who will be happy to have their dogs groomed for free! If you get stuck, just contact the student support team: they're ready to provide you with additional suggestions.

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Where to Groom Dogs for Assignments

You will need to set up an at-home workspace to groom dogs and develop your practical skills. Your course materials include step-by-step instructions for setting up a safe and functional grooming workspace at home. You will submit a photograph of your workspace so your tutor can provide you with feedback and ensure your setup is secure before starting practical assignments.

You will also need an area to bathe dogs before you groom them. Students typically use their own bathtub or shower, work outside, or visit a self-serve wash station. Your tutor will work with you to ensure your setup is safe and practical.

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Receiving Feedback from your Tutor

You'll receive advice and detailed feedback from your tutor after every unit you complete.

Your tutor truly cares about your success and will encourage you to submit your very best work. After each unit of the dog grooming course, you'll receive an audio file where your tutor explains what you did well, and where you should focus to improve your skills even further. See how your skills and confidence improve as you work your way through the course!

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Once you've completed your dog groomer training and your tuition has been paid in full, you'll be all set to graduate. Your professional dog groomer certificate of completion will be sent straight to your home.

Please keep in touch, we'd love to hear how you're doing!